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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

Case Problem - Week 4 - ElectionWeb
Key Terms

ElectionWeb -- Tutorial 2, Case Problem 3

This is a graded assignment.

Case Problem 3 from Tutorial 2 is presented in our TextBook beginning on page HTML 130 (near Figure 2-52). Additional information, including the Grading Rubric, is found on the Assignment WebPage. Make certain you understand the Gading Rubric. Its requirements are not the same as the TextBook discussion of this Case Problem.


This assignment requires you to create an election returns WebSite. This site is similar to the CAMshots WebSite from last week's assignment. The objective is to practice the various methods used by HTML5 to link WebPages. Multiple linked WebPages make WebSites.

Needed Data Files:

Data Files are located in the tutorial.02/case3 folder.

The file named "ewstyles.css" is the CSS style sheet. You will use this file unedited. Just like a .html file, .css files are plane text files, so you can open them in your text editor. Suggest you take a close look at "ewstyles.css", because you will be writing your own style sheets soon.

File named "modernizr-1.5.js" we will not need. You will realize that we need modernizr, but we will all use (link to) a version of "modernizr.js" on George's WebSite. Using this file is important, this is why all of us will link to the same version of modernizr.

What to do:

An image of how your ElectionWeb home page will look when complete is included on page HTML 131 of our textbook.

Start early. Work hard. Complete all of the 18 steps (except you may skip step 3, semantic link) from the textbook page HTML 131 (near Figure 2-52). Use our HTML Template because it includes the correct reference to the character set we will use, "utf-8". And, it includes the link to the version of modernizr.js we are using.

Use a folder on your computer to keep all pages for this WebSite organized. Make a new folder on CPST WebServer, name it "Week_04". Use it to keep your WebSites organized.

Save often. Upload your WebPage to CPST WebServer often. Browse to your WebPage often to see your progress. Use W3C MarkUp Validation Service often to guarantee you are writing syntax-error-free HTML.

Turn in your WebPage by eMail'ing the URL to George. If you turn in before midnight Friday, I will give you feedback you can use to make improvements. You can turn in assignments as often as you like. I will never grade assignments until after due date is past. Even if you are not complete, you benefit by turning in assignments early.

Include comments / documentation in your HTML. Especially, include documentation where in your HTML you meet requirements of the Grading Rubric.

What is it?