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Fall 2019

News - Week 4
Case Problem 3
Key Terms

Welcome to Week 4 -- Tutorial 2 continues --

The graded assignment this week is your second (2nd) Case Problem assignment. Case Problem 3, Tutorial 2 is a WebSite named ElectionWeb. As weeks pass, you will be convinced that Case Problem assignments have high point values and as such deserver your dedicated attention.

When you complete Tutorial 2 you should understand
♦ URL - and all its component parts
♦ anchor
♦ child folder, parent folder
♦ absolute path, relative path
♦ link to location within a WebPage (internal path)
♦ image map
♦ storyboard
♦ home page, site index
♦ metadata

ElectionWeb is Tutorial 2's Case Problem 3 WebSite. And, ElectionWeb is the Assignment WebSite for Week 4. Work hard.