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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

News - Week 5
Key Terms

Welcome to Week 5 -- Tutorial 3, Designing a WebPage with CSS

Developing a WebPage with CSS is an important goal of our class. Embedded and External Style Sheets are what provides the infrastructure needed to meet the original goal of the World Wide Web, that is to make content of a WebPage independent of the display of content. This is increasingly important today considering the multitude of WebBrowser and Hardware. As a WebMaster, you cannot predict if your WebSite will be accessed by PC using Explorer browser, a SmartPhone using the Crome browser, or a blind and deaf individual using a Braille browser.

We will invest two weeks of class to cover Tutorial 3. Understand that this will be the last time we use two weeks for one tutorial. If you are behind in assignments, no better time than now to catch up.

When you complete Tutorial 3 you should understand
♦ embedded style sheet
♦ external style sheet
♦ inline style
♦ id attribute
♦ contextual selector
♦ id selector, class selector, the difference between id and class
♦ pseudo-element, pseudo-class
♦ style inheritance
♦ style rule
♦ @rules

Sunny Acres is the example WebSite used by Tutorial 3. In addition to completing the Sunny Acres WebSite, you have two other WebPages to complete ... A Class Home Page and ShortCuts/Bookmarks WebPage. Here is the Assignment WebSite for Week 5. Work hard.

-- hint, driftwood art
Where is it?