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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

Assignment - Week 6
Case Problem
Key Terms

Gresham Children's Choir, Tutorial 3, Case Problem 4

This is a graded assignment, worth
60 Points

The purpose of this assignment is:

Demonstrate a working knowledge of using inline, embedded and external styles to build WebSites.

Grading Rubric
Item#  Points  -  description
  1. 10 points - Canvas Discussions for Week 6.
  2.   5 points - all WebPages include the minimum HTML illustrated in our HTML Template . This HTML is not identical to what is described in our textbook. We use character set utf-8, not "ISO-8859-1". We link to our own version of mddernizr.js.
  3.   5 points - Web pages have visual appeal, are themed, and are easy to navigate (as judged by George), ONLY one of us will receive full 5 points for this item. What does that mumbo-jumbo mean. The visible design of a WebSie is highly personal. What is attractive to you may not be attractive to me. Our class, "WebPage Design and Development" concerns all the Design you can't see ... the HTML and CSS. So, in the big scheme, it doesn't matter if I think your pages look good, visually. Except for this one Rubric Item, my opinion matters. So, you tell me your design ideas when you write your WebSite Elements, and I will take that into consideration when forming my own opinion. In other words, you tell me why your WebSite looks good, and you will earn most of these 5 points.
  4.   5 points - Discussion of WebSite Elements
  5.   5 points - start a new folder on CPST WebServer to keep your WebSite organized. Follow Guidelines for Naming files and folders.
  6.   5 points - HTML and CSS are documented/commented. Be sure you include documentation where you meet grading rubric items.
  7.   5 points - a new WebPage for your Gresham WebSite with links to external WebSites related to Performing Arts (like Choir, Opera, Plays, ect.), 1/2 point each link, maximum 5 points
  8.   5 points - HTML is error free as certified by W3C Markup Validator.
  9.   5 points - CSS style sheet is error free as certified by W3C CSS Validation Service
  10.   1 point   - add an embedded style sheet to choir.htm file to apply a style rule to just this one WebPage.
  11.   1 point   - link from your Gresham WebSite to our Assignments WebSite page
  12.   1 point   - all WebPages are named correctly. See this WebPage for more info -- Guidelines for Naming HTML Files and Folders
  13.   1 point   - use the External Style Sheet named gcc_styles.css that implements all the styles listed below ...
  14.   1 point   - employ a Web font
  15.   1 point   - modify font typeface, weight, size, kerning, and line height
  16.   1 point   - modify appearance of list items
  17.   1 point   - change text and background color, use at least one example of semi-transparent color
  18.   1 point   - employ contextual selectors, pseudo-elements, and pseudo-classes
  19.   1 point   - create rollover effects
  20.   0 points - keep in mind that its not a WebSite unless your individual WebPages are linked for easy navigation.
60 points - TOTAL

Let's begin

Did you read this week's news yet? Did you read the Case Problem page yet? There are links at the top of this page.

Canvas Discussions

There are several new Canvas discussions setup in the Discussion section of Canvas. Each discussion should be self-explanatory. The name of each discussion begins with "Week 6", indicating that it is to be used during Week 6 of class. See our SiteIndex WebPage for a complete list of Weeks and Dates for all Assignments.

You may add as many threads to these discussions as you like. Each time you substantially participate in one of these discussions you earn 3 points.

Gresham Children's Choir

See the Case Problem page for more information on how to proceed. See info on Needed Data Files. See info on What to do.