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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

News - Week 6
Case Problem
Key Terms

Welcome to Week 6 -- Tutorial 3, Designing a WebPage with CSS

The graded assignment this week is your third (3rd) Case Problem assignment. Case Problem 4, Tutorial 3 is a WebSite named Gresham Children's Choir. As weeks pass, you will be convinced that Case Problem assignments have high point values and as such deserver your dedicated attention. New this week in the Grading Rubric is item #4 - WebSite Elements. Grow accustom to this, it will be a feature of all future Grading Rubrics.

When you complete Tutorial 3 you should understand
♦ embedded style sheet
♦ external style sheet
♦ inline style
♦ id attribute
♦ contextual selector
♦ id selector, class selector, the difference between id and class
♦ pseudo-element, pseudo-class
♦ style inheritance
♦ style rule
♦ @rules

Gresham is Tutorial 3's Case Problem 4 WebSite. And, Gresham is the Assignment WebSite for Week 6. Work hard.

Where is it !?! -- I remember, do you?