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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

News - Week 7
Case Problem
Key Terms

Welcome to Week 7 -- Tutorial 4, Creating Page Layouts with CSS

The graded assignment this week is your fourth (4th) Case Problem assignment. Case Problem 1, Tutorial 4 is a WebSite named American Rhetoric. We will have a Case Problem assignment every week from now on ... through to the Final Exam Assignment. We will also complete Tutorial 4's Example WebSite, Cycle Pathology. This should be a familiar routine for you by now. While reading Tutorial 4, you write the HTML and CSS for the example WebSite. So, now, the example WebSite becomes an item in the Grading Rubric for each week worth about 10% of your grade that week. Completing the example WebSite will make you well prepared to complete Case Problem WebSite each week.

When you complete Tutorial 4 you should understand
♦ asymmetrical balance
♦ relative and/or absolute positioning
♦ CSS-Positioning
♦ elastic layout
♦ z-index property (CSS stacking)
♦ background property / origin / size
♦ borders
♦ unity
♦ drop cap

American Rhetoric is Tutorial 4's Case Problem 1 WebSite. Work hard.