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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

Assignment - Week 9
Case Problem
Key Terms

Millennium Computers, Tutorial 6, Case Problem 4

This is a graded assignment, worth
80 Points

The purpose of this assignment is:

Learn about Web forms. Explore how Web forms interact with Web servers. Create and style form elements.

Grading Rubric
Item#  Points  -  description
  1.   0 points - no gradable Canvas Discussion Forums this week, but there are new Forums, including a new picture to ID.
  2.   7 points - Tutorial 6's Example WebSite, Red Ball Pizza.
  3. 20 points - The repeating Rubric Items from past Assignments. These are: (1) start with HTML Template; (2) use a folder; (3) HTML and (4) CSS are well documented/commented; (5) Web pages have visual appeal, are themed, and are easy to navigate (as judged by George), you remember. So, you tell me your design ideas when you write your WebSite Elements, and I will take that into consideration when forming my own opinion. In other words, you tell me why your WebSite looks good, and you will earn most of these points.
  4.   3 points - Discussion of WebSite Elements.
  5.   5 points - HTML is error free as certified by W3C Markup Validator.
  6. 10 points - CSS style sheet is error free as certified by W3C CSS Validation Service.
  7.   5 points - Style Sheet mill.css - .5 points for each unique style used to design your Millennium Computers WebPage. (maximum 5 points)
  8.   5 points - Style Sheet oform.css - .5 points for each unique style used for layout and appearance of your form, cOrder. (maximum 5 points)
  9. 10 points - Input boxes, 1 point each box. (maximum 10 points)
  10.   7 points - Selection boxes, 1 point each box. (maximum 7 points)
  11.   3 points - Check boxes, .5 points each box. (maximum 3 points)
  12.   3 points - Form buttons, Send Order, Cancel Order, Contact Me
  13.   2 points - Validation checks for contact information and regular expression patters for zip code and phone numbers.
  14.   0 points - PLEASE, no mention of credit card info, this is just for fun, not for profit.

Please, make sure you link your WebSite Elements WebPage and your Millennium Computers WebPage to/from the your Red Ball Pizza WebPage. For grading purposes, you need to make navigation from page to page as easy as possible. Because the pages of your WebSite are linked together, when you send eMail to George to turn-in this assignment, you need only to include the URL to the main WebPage.

80 points - TOTAL

Let's begin

Did you read this week's News yet? Did you read the Case Problem page yet? There are links at the top of this page.

Millennium Computers

See the Case Problem page for more information on how to proceed. See info on Needed Data Files. See info on What to do.