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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

Key Terms - Tutorial 7
Case Problem

Glossary of Key Terms for Tutorial 7

ActiveX A Microsoft technology that can be used to play embedded media from within a variety of Windows programs.

Adobe Flash Player A video player that plays Flash Video files.

alternate content Content nested within the object element to be displayed by browsers that do not support Java.

alternate text Text nested within an object element to be displayed by browsers that cannot display the object.

amplitude A measure of the height of a sound wave that is related to the sound's volume.

applet. See Java applet

aspect ratio The width-to-height ratio of video frames.

AU format One of the oldest audio formats, used primarily on UNIX workstations.

audio element An HTML5 element that displays an audio clip within the Web page body.

bandwidth A measure of the amount of data that can be sent through a communication pipeline each second.

bit A discrete piece of information stored within a sound file.

bit depth. See sample resolution

bit rate The number bits of data required for each second of sound.

cab. See cabinet file

cabinet file An installation file used to automatically install required software on a user's computer.

class file An executable file that stores a Java program.

class id A unique string of characters used to identify an ActiveX control.

codec The software that compresses and decompresses a media clip.

conditional comment An Internet Explorer code structure in which IE-specific HTML code is placed within a set of comments to be run by specific versions of Internet Explorer.

container file A file that stores the codec for an audio or video clip.

embed element An HTML element used to store small stand-alone programs within the Web page body.

file compression A process that reduces the size of an audio file, sometimes at the expense of sound quality.

Flash Video file (FLV) A file that contains a video clip that can be displayed using the Adobe Flash Player.

FLV. See Flash Video file

frame (video) A single image within a video file that is played in rapid succession with other frames to create the illusion of motion.

frame rate The speed at which one frame in a video is replaced by the next frame.

frequency A measure of the rate at which a sound wave moves that is related to the sound's pitch.

Java A programming language used for applications on the Internet.

Java applet A program embedded within a Web page, written in the Java programming language.

Java Virtual Machine A software program that runs a class file and returns the results to the user's computer.

MIDI. See Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIME type. See Multipurpose Internal Mail Extensions type

Multipurpose Internal Mail Extensions (MIME) type A data type that identifies the format of the information contained within a file and provides instructions about how it should be interpreted.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) A popular music format that synthesizes musical sounds through the use of mathematical functions that describe the pitch, length, and volume of each note.

object element An HTML element used to embed objects within Web pages.

param element An HTML element that defines the action and appearance of an embedded object.

parameter A value passed using a param element to an object to control the object’s appearance and actions.

plug-in A stand-alone program run within a Web browser.

RealAudio format One of the first audio formats that allowed for streaming over low- to high-bandwidth connections.

sample A single measurement of a sound wave taken at a specific moment in time.

sample resolution A value that indicates the precision used in the measuring a sound wave within a sample.

sampling rate The number of samples taken per second from a sound wave.

Shockwave Flash (SWF) A file that contains the video, audio, animations, interactive scripts, program controls, and other features to play Flash Video.

source element An HTML5 element used with the audio and video elements to provide the source of an audio or video clip.

SWF file A Shockwave Flash file that contains a Flash player, which can be used to play Flash video and animation.

SWF. See Shockwave Flash

type attribute (media) An attribute that defines the data type of a media clip.

video bit rate The amount of data in a video that has to be processed by a video player each second.

video element An HTML5 element used for displaying a movie clip within the Web page body.

Web Video Text Tracks (WebVTT) A proposed format for time-synchronized caption text to be used with Web video.

WebVTT. See Web Video Text Tracks

Windows Media Audio (WMA) A proprietary audio format developed by Microsoft to compete with the MP3 format.

WMA. See Windows Media Audio