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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

Assignment - Week 11
Final Exam
Case Problem
Key Terms

dessertWEB (redesigned), Tutorial 8, Case Problem 1

This is a graded assignment, worth
200 Points

The purpose of this assignment is:

Learn about enhancing WebSites with Advanced CSS. This is the final weekly assignment. Make certain you understand the Grading Rubric. Carefully read the Case Problem page, especially the "What to do" part.

Grading Rubric
Item#  Points  -  description
  1.   0 points - no graded Canvas Discussions for Week 11, but, there are some interesting Forums, check it out!!!
  2. 20 points - Tutorial 8's Example WebSite, Tree and Book. You don't need to read the remainder of the Grading Rubric until you finish Tree and Book WebPage
  3. 20 points - Discussion of WebSite Elements.
  4. 20 points - The repeating Rubric Items from past Assignments. These are: (1) start with HTML Template; (2) use a folder; (3) HTML and (4) CSS are well documented/commented. (5) HTML is error free as certified by W3C Markup Validator. (6) CSS style sheet(s) are error free as certified by W3C CSS Validation Service.
  5. 20 points - Web pages have visual appeal, are themed, and are easy to navigate (as judged by George), you remember. Only one WebSite will earn 20 points, others less.
  6. 50 points - You will design a dessertWEB WebSite that is unique. One that is NOT an exact copy of textbook p.HTML 632 (near Figure 6-84). One that is not an image of a fellow student's. Plan ahead, remember StoryBoards? Your WebSite will be a minimum of 4 WebPages. One WebPage will be the Apple Bavarian Torte recipe page and should incorporate all the content that is provided, the Ingredients, the Directions, the Recipe Box, and the Reviews. Include the navigation buttons, the Reviews, List of Categories, and the list of Related Recipes. Currently there are 7 navigation buttons on the top of the dessertWEB page. You should have one button for each of your pages. You may rename the buttons if you like. One of your WebPages can be a "Splash Page" named index.html. A splash page is a simple home page for a WebSite that serves to introduce visitors to your WebSite. I know that you have see many WebSites that use a "Splash Page". One of your pages WILL be a "links" page, a list of recipes, and a list of links to related external WebSites, both. Remember, your WebSite needs to be easy to navigate, every WebPage easy to find. This will require design on your part. So, you earn fourteen (14) points for each WebPage, maximum 50 points.
  7. 60 points - A Style Sheet named dweffects.css that implements (1) shadows, (2) opacity, (3) blur, (4) background gradients, and (5) rotates an object. Twelve (12) points each, maximum 60 points. Make certain that each of your 5 styles is well documented. Include in-line comments so that it is impossible for George to mistake your purpose.
  8. 10 points - A Style Sheet named print.css used to apply print styles -- textbook p.HTML 595 (near Figure 8-40). One (1) point for each unique style used to format a printed page, maximum 10 points. Make certain each is well documented.
  9.   0 points - PLEASE, if you feel that you have a valid reason why your WebSite didn't meet a Grading Rubric Item, use your WebSite Elements essay to explain such. rigorFor example, you may have one error from W3C MarkUp Validator that you feel is not really an error. Explain why, you will likely get full credit.
  10.   0 points - George will grade your Final Exam WebSite with rigor.

Please, make sure you link your WebSite Elements WebPage and your dessertWeb Redesigned WebPage to/from the your Tree and Book WebPage. For grading purposes, you need to make navigation from page to page as easy as possible. Because the pages of your WebSite are linked together, when you send eMail to George to turn-in this assignment, you need only to include the URL to your Assignments Home Page.

200 points - TOTAL

Let's begin

Did you read this week's News yet? Did you read the Case Problem page yet? There are links at the top of this page.

No Graded Canvas Discussions

There are new and interesting forums available this week, including a new picture that needs identifying. Your participation is appreciated. The name of each discussion begins with "Week 11", indicating that it is to be used during Week 11 of class.

dessertWEB (redesigned)

See the Case Problem page for more information on how to proceed. See info on Needed Data Files. See info on What to do.