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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

News - Week 11
Final Exam
Case Problem
Key Terms

Welcome to Week 11 -- Tutorial 8, Advanced CSS - Enhancing a WebSite

The Case Problem assignment this week, Case Problem 1, Tutorial 8 is a WebSite named dessertWEB (redesigned). We will also complete Tutorial 8's Example WebSite, Tree and Book. This should be a familiar routine for you. While reading Tutorial 8, you write the HTML and CSS for the example WebSite.

When you complete Tutorial 8 you should understand using CSS to
♦ create shadows
♦ rotate objects
♦ create gradients
♦ create image borders
♦ set opacity of objects
♦ apply print styles
♦ style for mobile devices in portrait and landscape

dessertWEB (redesigned) is Tutorial 8's Case Problem 1 WebSite. Make certain you understand the Grading Rubric. Read Case Problem carefully. Work hard. Take seriously your final chance to demonstrate the full scope of what you learned.
scope |skõp| noun, the extent of the subject matter that something deals with
or to which it is relevant, ... and/or ... the opportunity to deal with something.
For this last chance in our class, be serious.

Where is it?