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Fall 2019

Weekly Assignments and your Grades
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Make certain you understand how your instructor will grade assignments. It is your responsibility to insure your grades are accurate. Send George (gnorth@tulane.edu) eMail with detailed explanation if you feel there is a problem with your grades. All assignments and exams are open book, open everything. You may obtain help from any electronic and any human resource available to you. The BIG restriction here is that you agree to write HTML/CSS yourself using a text editor. Your pledge is to write HTML Myself. The goal of this class is for you to be skilled in WebPage Design and Development, programming using HTML 5 and CSS. That means writing HTML5/CSS yourself.


Two exams, mid-term and final will be worth 40% of your grade. Assignments and participation in Canvas Discussions will be 60% of your grade. Helping your fellow students is encouraged and is considered a part of your participation in Canvas Discussions.

Final Grades

I want to make clear how your final grade in our class will be determined.

  1. There are graded WebPage Assignments every week. Weeks are numbered, 0 to 11. Knowing the week number is important. There is no Week 12, but we do have a Week 0. Our Site Index is a comprehensive, chronological, linked list of all course documents.
  2. Total points for all assignment, and how that translates to letter grades are included at the bottom of our SiteIndex WebPage.
  3. With the completion of each Week's Assignments, a complete Graded Rubric will be made available. Grades for every student, for every rubric item can be found on our Assignment WebSite WebPage. On this page, look for the link to "Graded Rubric", this is an example Rubric for Week 0. In order to identify yourself on a Graded Rubric, you will need to know your SIS User ID.

Weekly Assignments

Every assignment includes a Grading Rubric, for example, something like this. Grading of Assignments is Performance Based. Look it up. As you complete assignments, you will be building a Portfolio. Portfolios are a similar, yet different aspect of performance assessment. Student portfolios are designed to document students' efforts, progress, and achievements. Although they consist of collections of student products, assessments, and reflections, they are not (strictly speaking) assessments. A portfolio is a purposeful collection of artifacts that tells the story of a person and her/his skills, achievements, and/or growth, illustrated by a selection of her/his work.

Make certain you understand the Grading Rubric for each assignment. You are encouraged to turn in WebSite Assignments early and often, even turn in incomplete WebSites. You will receive feedback from your Instructor that you can use to make changes and improvements to WebSites if turned in before 11:59 PM Fridays. Grading of WebSite Assignments only happen after the assignment due date is passed.

You are responsible to insure that all assignments are completed and turned in before the due date, which is typically 11:59PM Sundays. See our Syllabus for information regards late penalty. If your assignment will be late, you can, before the due date, send eMail to your instructor to request more time.

Almost every Monday begins a new WebPage Assignment. Assignments are due at the end of every weekend, due by 11:59PM on Sundays. The documents needed to complete all assignment are all linked together by a webpage titled Site Index. You turn in WebSite assignments by sending eMail to George with the URL of the WebPage you want graded. See sample eMail below. SiteIndex has two locations:

Tulane's Server

George's Serve - a backup location


I will place new content on Canvas' Discussions EVERY WEEK, usually before the beginning of the day on Mondays. Canvas Discussions are a graded item of assignments. Participation is required. In our class, Canvas Discussions take the place of conversations that would otherwise happen face-to-face in weekly classroom meetings. Completing Canvas Discussions on Sunday night would be like skipping class. Completing last week's (or even older) Canvas Discussions is useless. In other words, complete Weekly Canvas Discussions in their current week, in a timely manner.

How Canvas Discussion Forums are graded

To earn full credit for Canvas Discussions, visit Canvas more than once a week, post threads to Discussions more than once a week. Contribute to the discussion, "I agree" is a concurrence not a contribution. You earn 3 points for each contribution, up to grading rubric points (most weeks this is 10 points).

Even more important to earning points, even more important than adding your own threads to Canvas Discussion Forums, is reading the contributions of your fellow students. I believe you will be surprised what you can learn from this simple exercise.

And ... get this. Canvas Discussions are self-graded. YES, you grade your own participation in Canvas Discussions. I'm betting that this is not as easy as it may sound. These are the things to keep in mind when you grade your discussions.

  • George will read all posts to Discussions
  • Posts to Discussion Forums are opinions
  • Weekly Grading Rubrics, like Week 1, include point value for Discussions
  • Points are earned ONLY in the current week
  • New Discussion Forums are available almost every week (see Rubric)
  • There is NO grace period
  • Turn-in your Garde each week by sending George eMail ... something like this.
  • discuss grades
  • George reserves the right to modify your grade for Canvan, especially to give extra credit when justified
  • This eMail must be sent before the due date, usually 11:59 PM Sundays
  • Miss the due date, your grade for discussions is zero
  • For WebSite assignments, you may ask for more time, my advice is to complete assignments in a timely maner. There is no better predictor for poor grades than turning in assignments late.

  • eMail

    Please use my Tulane eMail as your primary way to contact me.