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FTP -- File Transfer Protocol
see also CPST WebServer

Using File Transfer Protocal is how you will copy assignment WebSites you developed on your own computer to the CPST WebServer, making your WebSites available to the World Wide Web. FTP is how you publish your WebSites.

In computing, a protocol is a set of rules which is used by computers to communicate with each other across a network. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to exchange and manipulate files over a computer network, such as the Internet.

You may already understand how to use FTP. Great. If not, you may find this all so confusing now. Don't be alarmed. Everyone ALWAYS figures out how to use FTP.

  • Read what Wikipedia has to say about FTP
  • and read about FTP Client software
  • Wikipedia has a list of FTP Client Software
  • SSH is a freeware FTP Client for Windows, and the one Tulane recommends
  • You can download SSH through the Tulane's Licensed Software here
  • Read this for help using SSH
  • For Macintosh, I like Fetch, you can apply for a free Educational License to use Fetch
  • FileZilla is another good FTP client with versions for both Windows and Mac
  • How to use FileZilla with your CPST WebSite

  • To connect to CPST WebServer using FTP, you need to know this ...
  • cpst.tulane.edu -- Hostname (name of CPST Server Computer
  • SFTP -- connect using SFTP (secure FTP)
  • yName -- your Tulane user ID (same as your eMail name)
  • password -- same as your eMail password
  • public_html -- name of initial folder
  • Please note that public_html is the folder on CPST WebServer that contains all your WebSite files and folders, but it is an invisible folder not included in URLs. In other words, you will never see public_html's name in a URL. When using FTP client to access your WebSite, you will see public_html. Just remember to place all WebSite files and folders inside public_html.

    Just to be a little more confusing, inside public_html are folders for each CPST course (even if you are registered in ONLY one. You also need to be careful to place ALL your WebSite files and folders inside the CPST folder for this class -- the name of this folder is cpst-2400-10. One last confusing point to ALWAYS remember, on CPST WebServer, URL's are case sensitive. So, http://cpst.tulane.edu/~gnorth/cpst-2400-10/index.html is not the same as http://cpst.tulane.edu/~gnorth/cpst-2400-10/INDEX.html. Try it, one works, one doesn't work. Do you see the difference?

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