About GSSA Event Funding

The Graduate Student Studies Association (GSSA) Event funding is granted only to departments in good standing with GSSA, through an active representative. You can check the standing of your department here and find your department's active representatives here. If your department is not eligible or you do not have an active representative, please contact the GSSA President.

Your department's representatives may request funding for multiple events over the course of the year. All event requests may be approved by the GSSA assembly by a majority vote. If approved, all publicity for the event must acknowledge the sponsorship of GSSA via the GSSA logo on relevant advertising material

Please note that all events must be registered at least 3 weeks in advance through OrgSync. See "How to be Reimbursed for an Event" for more information.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the GSSA Treasurer directly.

How to Apply for Event Funding

1. All events must be approved at a GSSA meeting prior to the event. In order to be approved for voting, all events need to be registered by an active GSSA Representative a full four days before the day of the GSSA Assembly meeting.
Representatives are responsible for getting Student Organization Center approval at least 3 weeks in advance via Orgsyc. Use the Social Event Guide to determine what paperwork is necessary. Approval can take several days to process and might require discussions with GSSA Officers and the S.O.C. - please schedule your events in advance accordingly.

2. Place an Online Event Request at least 4 days before the GSSA Meeting Date. Late requests will not be included in the agenda, and will not be brought up for a vote.
For example:
All event requests for a Thursday meeting would need to be placed before 11:59 p.m. on the preceding Sunday.

3. For recurring events, such as weekly or monthly meetings, a separate request must be placed for each event.

4. If the amount requested for an event is greater than $250, an itemized budget for the event must be sent to the GSSA Treasurer when the request is submitted. Lack of an approved itemized budget will lead to the omission of the event from the agenda. This budget must inculde estimated number of attendees, cost of materials requested per attendee, and any other line items unique to the event (rental fees, usage fees, ect.)

5. Please be available for communication via e-mail in the days leading up to the meeting, in case the Treasurer needs to contact you with any last-minute questions regarding your event.

6. You must come to the meeting, and should be prepared to give a brief description of the event including the amount requested and reason for the event, you should also be ready to answer general questions about the event. If you cannot make the meeting, you should notify the Treasurer, and find a proxy or another Representative to fill in for you at the meeting. Unrepresented events will be pulled from the agenda.

7. If your event request is approved, you will receive news of this approval and future status updates/directions from tulane.gssa@gmail.com. Note that this is an automated account; do not direct any questions or replies to it.

8. GSSA cannot under any circumstances reimburse an individual student for alcohol purchases if the organization has not complied with the Office of Student Programs' event registration procedure. This is a very lengthy and involved process, so start early.

How to Get Reimbursed for an Event

1. Follow the checklist provided by the Event Reimbursement Checklist.

In the following order, include all of these items in your reimbursement packet:

  1. Signed GSSA Checklist
  2. Your automated event approval letter
  3. Completed Purchase Form
  4. Original receipts taped to white paper
  5. Attendee list with the number, name, and status of attendees (grad, guests, faculty, ect.)
  6. Meetings only, the minutes of the meeting

Please follow the examples provided to avoid incorrectly-filled out or incomplete packets.

2. Payment requests may be in the form of a Check Request (Pay-To) for an individual (Found here), or an IT (Interdepartmental Transfer) to a department (Found here).

3. All reimbursement forms and materials must be signed by an active departmental representative. No exceptions will be made.

4. All materials must be submitted within Two Weeks of the event date. No exceptions will be made without prior approval.