About GSSA Funding

As an organization, one of GSSA's major functions is to make funding available to our member departments, for events and to host speakers, as well as to our graduate student members for travel. For more information on requesting funding from GSSA, or to submit a funding request, you can select the appropriate menu tab above.

Please note: all funding must be approved before the travel or event takes place.

How do I get reimbursed?
Follow the instruction provided for the individual types of funding. When the packets are complete, bring them to the treasurer office hours. Summer treasurer office hours are by appointment only. Contact the treasurer directly to make an appointment. During this time, the treasurer will check the completeness of the packet and make any necessary corrections with you present before turning it in.

What if I cannot make it to the scheduled office hours?
If it becomes necessary during the semester, additional office hours will be scheduled and posted on this page. At this time, if making it to office hours conflicts with your schedule, email the treasurer and a time for you to bring the packets to the treasurer can be scheduled. However, bringing the packets to the schedules office hours will be the fastest way of obtaining your reimbursement

How long do I have to turn in my packets?
You will have two weeks after the event or last day of the conference to turn in your forms and have them approved. If this deadline falls on a day in between the weekly office hours, the forms must be turned in at the next available office hours or they will not be accepted.

How will I get my refund and how long will it take?
On the expense reimbursement forms there is a place to choose whether to have your check mailed or for you to pick it up. Checks are set out for pickup in the SOC late in the afternoon on Wednesdays. They will not notify you when your check is ready so you will have to check and see if it is in the check binder at the front desk. Checks are mailed on Friday afternoon, so depending on where it is being mailed it should arrive early the week after. Typically, the forms take 2 weeks to process before being set out or mailed.

For travel funding, checks will be sent to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and you will receive an e-mail when your check is ready to be picked up.

I haven't seen my check, what do I do?
If there is an issue with your paperwork, you should be emailed using the email address list on the expense reimbursement form. If you do not have your check after three weeks and have not received an email, let the treasurer know and a trace can be started. If you turn your paperwork in on a Wednesday, you should expect a check 2 weeks later and begin checking the check binder that week and the next before contacting the treasurer. Similarly, if you chose for the check to be mailed begin looking for it in the mailbox during the week starting 19 days later.

How can I ensure that my paperwork is not flawed and I get my money as quickly as possible?
Before accounting reimburses you, they want to make sure of two things. First, they want to make sure you spent the money. This means that you need to hold on to original, itemized receipts and make sure that they contain payment information, which is usually in the form of a credit card (XXXXXXXXX1234), Paypal, or cash. Keep in mind that paying with cash is the least preferable way to get a reimbursement should any problems arise as there is no trail (statement) that can be used as proof. The second thing accounting looks for is proof that the money was spent on the correct items. With travel, this means original boarding passes need to be kept if you are being reimbursed for a plane ticket and that your program guide with your presentation highlighted needs to be used to show you went to the conference and presented. When dealing with events, organizational meetings require an attendance list with the date and name of the event.

What if I do not have an original itemized receipt?
You need to fill out a missing receipt affidavit and include it before the receipt in the packet. This form can be found in the Tulane Accounts Payable Forms

What happens if I am receiving funding from multiple sources for the same airplane ticket?
Different funding sources may all require your original boarding passes. Check with the various sources and see who requires them. For the copies, on the page to which they should be taped write down the contact information of whoever has the originals so accounting can contact them if necessary.

How do I reimburse mileage for travel?
To reimburse mileage for car travel:

  • It must be your own vehicle (ie, not a rental car)
  • Gas is not separately reimbursed, but is included in mileage
  • Mileage will only be reimbursed if it is cheaper than airfare to your destination
  • You must include a google map showing the exact mileage from your start location to your finish location using the route you took/

How do I request payment for a department?
Departments can be paid either by a transfer of funds (for reimbursement) or through an Interdepartment Order (for services). Fill out both the request form, found here, and start the IT, found here.

When filling out the IT, please consult with your department administrator, and have them fill out their account information for the transfer.During office hours, the GSSA Treasurer will help you complete the IT.

Additional opportunities for funding may be available through:

What if there is an issue not covered in these FAQ's?
Strange situations arise and simply need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Here are some examples. If you get accepted for a travel award and then can't make it to the conference for some reason, let the treasurer know beforehand. If you apply again later on and did not contact the treasurer, you will be rejected. If you are travelling and cannot make it back before the deadline to turn in forms (usually more of a summertime issue), the treasurer needs to know before the deadline passes or he will not accept the late forms. Other issues will arise and the answer is simple contact the treasurer as soon as you are aware of it.

For any general questions about travel, please contact the GSSA Treasurer