GSSA Department and Organizational Representatives

Each department or organization with a graduate program is entitled to representation within GSSA. If your department is not listed below, and you are interested in acting as a representative, please contact the GSSA President for more information.

Your department's representatives are your liason with the GSSA body as a whole, and as such can answer or direct many of your questions, and should be your first point of contact for questions.

Rachel Johnson
Melissa Galvan Bernal
Michelle Pigott

Art History
Lucia Momoh

Art Studio
Abdullahi Farah

Biomedical Engineering & Bioinnovation
Huimin Zhuge
Benjamin O'Donnel
Gabrielle Clark

Cell & Molecular Bio
Sabrina Kragness
Drew Davidson

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Giovanni Kelly
Leila Pashazanusi
Evan Wells

Nicholas Ernst
Berk Atuk
Furman Marshall

City, Culture & Community
Jennifer Miller
Michal Toporek

Computer Science
Jaelle Scheuerman

Earth & Environmental Sciences
Catherine Fitzpatrick

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Mareli Sanchez Julia

Mary Penn

If a representative needs to be changed, please contact one of the GSSA officers.
All representatives need to join the GSSA Representative Mailing List .

GSSA Committees and University Committees with Graduate Student Representation

Each Representative in GSSA is required to serve on at least one standing committee, either within GSSA (Social, Budget, Legislative) or outside of GSSA. Current Assignments are shown below:

University-Wide Committees

Associated Student Body Representatives
Kate Elfer
Sam Lantz
Leila Pashazanusi
Devon Bowser
Robyn Brooks

Graduate and Professional Student Association Representatives
Kate Elfer
Sam Lantz
Leila Pashazanusi
Devon Bowser
Robyn Brooks

University Senate- Student Affairs Standing Committee
Craig Alcantara
Ted Sawyer

Provost's Office- Graduate Council
Nathan Wendte
Kate Elfer

Student Health Insurance Committee

Student Health Care Committee

Student Financial Aid Committee

SLA Graduate Honor Board
Ali Enami
Jennifer Miller
Marco Fisher
Daniel Tigard
Aja Roberts
Khystyne Tschinkel
Arianna King
Diego Rodriguez De Sepulveda

GSSA Standing Committees

Events Committee
Davette Gadison- Chair
Bethany Stone

Legislative Committee
Lydia Crawford- Chair

Budget Committee
Robyn Brooks- Chair