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Submissions for Publication

Human Mosaic publishes original research and high-quality library research pertaining to the Social Sciences. Submissions from students and faculty from all colleges and universities are welcome.  Articles may be submitted via Email or post (see "Contact Us" on the Human Mosaic home page).

Manuscripts submitted for consideration should conform to the style guide of the American Anthropological Association, available at

Authors are strongly urged to submit manuscripts electronically, as files in Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Microsfot Word format. Text files can be submitted as Email attachments or on an IBM-compatible CD-ROM or 3.5-inch diskette.

Illustrations are limited to line drawings in ink and black-and-white photographs (halftone, high contrast) with a maximum size of 6.5 x 7.5 inches.  JPEG or similar formats are preferrable to printed photographs or paper drawings.

The editors reserved the right to make minor editorial changes without notice.  Unpublished manuscripts will be returned only if accompanied by a self-addressed return envelope bearing sufficient postage.  Manuscripts accepted for publication will not be returned, but the author will receive two copies of the issue in which her/his article appears.
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