Write a short essay on each of the topics below, following the instructions given. All are worth 12 points, except #5. You may use the book, your notes, or any other written material that you might need, but you may not consult with anyone. Please turn it in to me or leave it in my mailbox in Nwcb 302 by 5pm Friday Dec. 17. You could e-mail me your response, except that a couple of the questions ask for drawings.

  1. Decide which of the following pair of sentences sounds more natural and then explain why in terms of the notions figure and ground.
    1. The barn is near the bicycle.
    2. The bicycle is near the barn.
  2. Draw the image schema for the preposition near (as used in #1) and then describe one metaphorical extension of it. You may use a dictionary as a source for possible extensions.
  3. Explain what an action chain is and give your own example (that is, not drawn from the book or your notes).
  4. The verb frighten has two usages, illustrated below. Explain the difference between them using role archetypes:
    1. John frightened Mary by jumping out of the bushes and yelling `boo'.
    2. John frightens Mary because he is so big and clumsy.
  5. Explain a typical American Christmas celebration first as a script and then as an interactive network. What nouns as so taken for granted in this script/network that they can be definite without any prior mention? (16 pts)
  6. Try to integrate the verbs, hide, find, and show into a single frame, and explain the perspective that each one takes on this frame.
  7. Explain the difference between the two motion events given below in terms of their event-frame components:
    1. Mary descended the stairs on her tip toes.
    2. Mary tiptoed down the stairs.
  8. Explain Talmy's analysis of by phrases, and then explain why the following sentence is a problem for it:
    1. I accidentally killed the goldfish in my pond by pouring tap water into it.

Inception: 12/13/99. Last revision: 12/13/99.