SPAN 4350.01, Computational Culture in Spanish
Primavera 2014: MWF 2:00 - 2:50 in NH 123

Prof. Harry Howard
howard at tulane dot edu
(504) 862-3417 (voice mail 24 hours a day)
Horas de consulta: MW 1-2, T 3-4 & por cita previa en Newcomb Hall 322-D

Course language: As in almost all of the courses offered with the SPAN prefix, this one is taught in Spanish.

Overview: Computational Culture in Spanish teaches you how to use digital Spanish text to learn about Spanish culture. Hopefully you'll finish the semester with some practical knowledge about solving cultural problems, such as techniques for identifying the author of a text from the statistics of the words that he or she uses or identifying the mood of a population by what it discusses on Twitter. You will also become familiar with a computer programming language called Python, which is easy to learn and makes doing many tasks with digital text rather simple.


Outcomes: For you to demonstrate your attainment of these objectives, you will perform the following tasks:

Equivalencia de notas

89.5-91.4 A-

91.5-100 A

79.5-81.4 B-

81.5-87.4 B

87.5-89.4 B+

69.5-71.4 C-

71.5-77.4 C

77.5-79.4 C+

59.5-61.4 D-

66.5-67.4 D

67.5-69.4 D+

0-59.4 F

Code of Academic Integrity

“The integrity of Newcomb-Tulane College is based on the absolute honesty of the entire community in all academic endeavors. As part of the Tulane University community, students have certain responsibilities regarding work that forms the basis for the evaluation of their academic achievement. Students are expected to be familiar with these responsibilities at all times. No member of the university community should tolerate any form of academic dishonesty, because the scholarly community of the university depends on the willingness of both instructors and students to uphold the Code of Academic Conduct. When a violation of the Code of Academic Conduct is observed it is the duty of every member of the academic community who has evidence of the violation to take action. Students should take steps to uphold the code by reporting any suspected offense to the instructor or the associate dean of the college. Students should under no circumstances tolerate any form of academic dishonesty.” For further information, point your browser at Violations of the Code of Academic Integrity will not be tolerated in this class. I will rigorously investigate and pursue any such transgression.

Students with disabilities who need academic accommodation should:

Schedule of assignments
Natural Language Processing with Python, 1e, (2009) by Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper [NLPP]
Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook (2010) by Jacob Perkins [PTP]
Additional readings are listed beneath the schedule.

Date Day Topic Assignment P ppt mp3
Ene 13 (M) 1 Presentación del curso NLPP Preface, Installing NLTK
Google Books Ngram Viewer
15 (W) 2 La computación con el lenguaje 1 Michel 2011, Lopez 2011, NLPP 1.1   Powerpoint Podcast
17 (F) 3 Cadenas y listas ---   Powerpoint Podcast
20 (M)   Festivo MLK

22 (W) 4 Cadenas 2 ---   Powerpoint Podcast
24 (F) 5 Cadenas 3 --   Powerpoint Podcast
27 (M) 6 Cadenas 4 -- P1 Powerpoint Podcast
29 (W) 7 ¡Nieve! --  

31 (F) 8 Cadenas 5, Unicode NLPP 3.3   Powerpoint --
Feb 3 (M) 9 Unicode, expresiones regulares
P2 Powerpoint Podcast
5 (W) 10 Más sobre las expresiones regulares
  Powerpoint Podcast
7 (F) 11 Las expresiones regulares y la tokenización
  Powerpoint Podcast
10 (M)  12 NLTK   P3 Powerpoint Podcast
12 (W) 13 NLTK, acceso a textos; El control
  Powerpoint Podcast
14 (F) 14 El control 2
  Powerpoint Podcast
17 (M) 15 El control 3
P3 Powerpoint Podcast
19 (W) 16 El control 4     Powerpoint Podcast
21 (F) 17 El control 5     Powerpoint Podcast
24 (M) 18 Reciclar código   P4 Powerpoint Podcast
26 (W) 19 Funciones     Powerpoint Podcast
28 (F) 20 --
Mar 3 (M)
Descanso primavera

5 (W)
Descanso primavera

7 (F)
Descanso primavera

10 (M) 21 Funciones 2 NLPP 6.1
Powerpoint Podcast
12 (W) 22 Computación con el lenguaje NLPP 6.1   Powerpoint Podcast
14 (F) 23 Computación con el lenguaje 2 NLPP 6.1   Powerpoint Podcast
17 (M) 24 Computación con el lenguaje 3 NLPP 6.1 P6 Powerpoint Podcast
19 (W) 25 Computación con el lenguaje 4 NLPP 6.1   Powerpoint Podcast
21 (F) 26 Computación con el lenguaje 5 NLPP 6.1   Powerpoint Podcast
24 (M)  27 Tuiter 1
P7 Powerpoint Podcast
26 (W) 28
no hubo clase
28 (F)  29 Tuiter 2
  Powerpoint --
31 (M) 30 Tuiter 3
P8 Powerpoint Podcast
Apr 2 (W) 31 Tuiter 4     Powerpoint Podcast
  4 (F) 32 Páginas web y blogs 1     Powerpoint Podcast
7 (M) 33 Páginas web y blogs 2   P9 Powerpoint Podcast
9 (W) 34 YouTube     Powerpoint Podcast
11 (F) 35 YouTube 2     Powerpoint Podcast
14 (M) 36 Facebook
  P10 Powerpoint Podcast
16 (W) 37 Facebook 2     Powerpoint Podcast
18 (F)

21 (M)

23 (W) 38 Facebook 3     --
25 (F) 39 Facebook 4     --
28 (M) 40 Facebook 5   P11 --

May 2 (F) -- FINAL EXAM DAY 10-12 Present projects to class  

Additional Readings

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