Spanish 601: Methods of teaching Spanish & Portuguese

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Goals: The overall goal of this course is to give you an overview of communicative task-based language instruction. This overview consists of theory, research, and practical application. In particular, you will …



Place and time: 1 – 3:30, NWCMB 208

Place and time: You are required to work for 20 hours in a venue of second language teaching that the Center for Public Learning will supervise.

Textbook: Lee, J.F. & VanPatten, B. (2003) Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen. New York: McGraw-Hill. 2nd Edition.
Other readings: There are also supplementary readings, available from the Blackboard site for the class.

Timesheets: You are responsible for keeping track of your service hours and for getting them approved by your on-site supervisor. Your hours should be reported at the end of the semester to the Office of Service Learning, on the date indicated in the schedule.

You should come to class having read and mulled over the pages listed for that day in the schedule. Use the texts as a resource to clarify lecture material and to deepen your own appreciation of topics of interest.

Written Reflection: You must keep a journal of your daily experience at the teaching site, using the discussion board on the class’s Blackboard site.


Training & Rap Sessions: You must attend a training session (2 hours including transport) TBA and 2 rap sessions outside of class, see schedule. As a courtesy to our community partners, no make-ups will be scheduled.

For you to demonstrate your attainment of the course goals, you will perform the following tasks

• take a quiz almost every week: 10 * 5% = 50%. The quiz is given during the first fifteen minutes of class. No make-ups are allowed, but your lowest grade will be dropped.
• turn in two reports on the observation of a basic language class: 2 * 5% = 10%. You will be told what to look for. Be sure to ask permission from the instructor before you attend.
• turn in two reports that compare the presentation of a topic across several textbooks: 2 * 5% = 10%.
• prepare a teaching portfolio: 25%. The portfolio materials are drawn from the portfolio activities at the end of each chapter of the textbook. It is due at the final exam period.
• participate in class: 5%.

• execution of service-learning responsibilities (timesheets, rap sessions)
• as part of your journal, you should reflect on how topics discussed in class come up in your teaching experience. In particular, I wish to know to what extent a communicative task-based approach to language instruction is fruitful or even possible in your classroom. Every so often I will ask you questions to clarify or deepen your reflection, which you should respond to. Your journal will substitute for your class participation grade.


Prof. Harry Howard
howard at tulane dot edu
862-3417 (voice mail 24 hours a day)
Newcomb Hall 322-D: MW 11-12 pm, T 1-2 pm & by appt


Text Box: 90-91 A-	92-100 A
80-81 B-	82-87 B	88-89 B+
70-71 C-	72-77 C	78-79 C+
60-61 D-	62-67 D	68-69 D+
0-59 F

Academic Honor Code“The integrity of Newcomb College and Tulane College is based on the absolute honesty of the entire community in all academic endeavors. As part of the community, students have certain responsibilities regarding all independent work that forms the basis for the evaluation of their academic achievement. Students are expected to familiarize themselves in a manner that complies with it at all times. The scholarly community of the university depends on the willingness of both faculty and students to uphold the honor code. When a violation of the honor code is observed it is the duty of every member of the academic community who has evidence of the violation to take action. Students should take steps to uphold the honor code by reporting any possible offense to the instructor or the honor board. Students should under no circumstances tolerate any form of academic dishonesty.” For further information, point your browser at .Violations of the Academic Honor Code will not be tolerated in this class. I will rigorously investigate and pursue any such transgression.

Students with disabilities who need academic accommodation should:
Contact and register with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). For more information, visit the ODS website at
Bring official notice to me from the ODS indicating that you need academic accommodation. This should be done within the first week of class.