Our Digital World I (TIDL 105.01)
Blogs, wikis, and torrents, oh my!
Social technology aka Web 2.0

Day 1. Introduction to the class, to the students, and to the ideas

I. Introduction to the class: Homepage

II. Introduction to the students

  1. Find a partner and get to know him/her by asking him/her the following questions, which you will report back to class:
    1. Where are you from? What did you do last semester? Do you have any ideas about a major yet?
    2. (you should write these answers down) How do you use the internet? For example, do you have a web page? … download files? … upload files? … send e-mail? … send instant messages? … read the news? … watch TV or other video over the internet? … use internet telephony (voice-over-IP) like Vonage? … do research for a class? … ? … ?
    3. (more specific question about (b)) Have you ever added anything at all to the internet? … a comment? … a rating? … a review of a product?
    4. Do your friends use the same things on the internet that you do?
    5. Who controls the things that you use?
    6. Are the things that you use organized to your liking? Who organizes them?
    7. What do think of when you hear the phrase "dot-com boom/bust"?
  2. Take your partner's picture and be sure to put his/her name on the list

III. A few words about me

IV. Introduction to the ideas: Part of the Web 2.0 definition from Wikipedia

V. Assignment for next class

  1. Register for FaceBook.
  2. Do the assignment for next class, which is found here. Since the topic is "Many-to-many publishing: blogging, podcasting & syndication", the assignment is to become familiar with these notions.

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