Courses Taught by Dr. Brown at Tulane University

BMEN 6170 : Introduction to Biomedical Optics

The field of biophotonics is a rapidly-expanding research area in which the interactions of photons with matter are leveraged to increase our understanding of biology and to improve the outcomes in human medicine. The objectives of this course are to familiarize students with the fundamental interactions between light and biological samples, and how these are implemented in an array of technologies that are finding successful application in biomedical research and clinical application. Topics will include fundamentals of photon transport in turbid media; optical spectroscopy variants (reflectance, fluorescence, Raman; steadystate and time-resolved); diffuse optical imaging; biological microscopy; coherence techniques; hybrid technologies (e.g. photo-acoustic imaging); and optical molecular imaging. Special attention will be paid to quantitative methods for spectroscopy and imaging in solid tissues.

BMEN 2310-Product and Experimental Design (with Dr. Murfee)

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the design process as they are starting their engineering studies. Through team projects geared toward translating bench research into product development, students will be challenged to begin thinking critically and applying physical fundamentals to complex systems. Lectures will highlight phases of the design process, including problem identification, conceptual design, and early prototyping. Additionally, in the context of product and experimental design, students will gain experience with computer aided design and be provided and introduction to statistics.