Carnelley et al. (1999) Carnelley, K. B., Ruscher, J. B., & Shaw, S. K. (1999). Meta-accuracy about potential relationship partners' models of others. Personal Relationships, 6, 95-109.

Examined whether perceivers can determine which potential romantic partners can best confirm their own self-views. In a sample primarily comprising unmarried young adults, participants sought feedback that was congruent with a potential partner's model of other. For example, people generally sought positive feedback from partner whose apparent model of others was positive (i.e., partners with secure or preoccupied attachment styles). However, men who held positive self-views were not meta-accurate; that is, when seeking feedback, these men were insensitive to the partner's model of other. Women, in contrast, showed better meta-accuracy when feedback- seeking. Differential socialization patterns are posited to underlie this gender difference.

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