Schnake et al. (1997) Schnake, S. B., Ruscher, J. B., Gratz, K. L., & O'Neal, E. C. (1997). Measure for measure? Male retaliation commensureate with anger depends on provocateur gender and aggression covertness. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 12, 937-954.

Examined the relation among men's anger, aggression overtness, and aggressive behavior, depending on whether the target was male or female. Presumably, men angered by a woman try to restrain overt (but not necessarily covert) aggression, following social sanctions against male aggression toward women. Thus, although the relation between anger and overt aggression should be relatively strong for male targets but not female targets, the relation between anger and covert aggression should be strong for both male and female targets. Two experiments supported these predictions

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