Ruscher et al.(2000) Ruscher, J. B., Fiske, S. T. & Schnake, S. B., (2000). The motivated tactician's juggling act: Compatible versus incompatible impression goals British Journal of Social Psychology, 39, 241-256

This experiment examined perceivers' negotiation of multiple impression formation goals, depending on the compatibility of those goals. Instead of considering multiple simultaneous goals, research typically presents perceivers with a single impression goal (e.g., accuracy; supporting preferred beliefs). We predicted and found that perceivers who had compatible multiple goals (e.g., cooperative interdependence plus a desire to like the target) evidenced uncomplicated impression formation processes (e.g., a focus on positive attributes) and simple resulting impressions. Incompatible goals, in contrast, typically produced more complicated impression formation strategies (e.g., increased intention to all available information) and resulted in more complex impressions.

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