Ruscher & Hammer (2004)
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Ruscher, J. B., & Hammer, E. Y. (2004). (Eds.) Current directions in social psychology. Prentice-Hall.

The American Psychological Society contracted with Prentice-Hall to package articles from the APS journal Current Directions in Psychological Science as readers for psychology courses (CD is published 6 times a year by Blackwell). The reader for social psychology is one of the first to go to press. The social psychology reader comprises 25 articles that address The person in the situation, Influences on social knowledge, Close relationships, Prosocial behavior and aggression, Intergroup conflict and prejudice, and Applying social psychology. Each section is preceded by our introduction to the topic, and is followed by critical thinking questions that instructors may use with each article.

Current Directions articles truly are ideal for undergraduate courses, in that they are written in accessible language. For example, because of the general readership of CD a social psychologist author is not necessarily assuming the reader is a fellow social psychologist, so there's little jargon or highly technical language. Although accessible, the articles are written by the top experts in their field, describing cutting-edge research that may not have appeared in the students' textbooks. Packaging these articles with commentary and questions was a great way for APS to interface research with teaching. {No, the editors do not receive royalties based on the plug is genuine.}

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