Graduate Courses

Univariate Statistics I
Required for graduate students in psychology, Psyc609 covers the logic of experimental design and provides an overview of basic statistical procedures used to draw inferences from data. Includes analysis of variance, regression, and chi-square tests.

Univariate Statistics II
Psyc611 is the second course in the statistics sequence, designed primarily to meet the needs of beginning graduate students in the social sciences and undergraduate students likely to pursue graduate study in psychology. Psyc209/212 or Psyc609 is a prerequisite.
Social Psychology
As the core course in social psychology, Psyc700 provides a broad overview of the social bases of behavior, that is, the individual in social context. Topics include group phenomena such as social facilitation, stereotyping and prejudice, attitudes and persuasion, stress and coping, and intimate relationships. The course is required for graduate students in the school psychology and industrial/organizational psychology programs, as well as for psychological science students specializing in social psychology.

Professional Issues in Psychology
Professional Issues in Psychology addresses ethical issues, the research process, and professional development. The entire faculty of the Department share responsibility for the course, periodically rotating the position of coordinator. Each week, a faculty expert leads a discussion on topics such as IRBs, grants, teaching, professional licensing, and computer use in psychology. All doctoral students in psychology are required to complete this pass/fail course during the first year of graduate study.

Attitudes and Persuasion
Psyc745, the seminar in attitudes and persuasion, provides an in-depth examination of how attitudes are formed, measured, and cognitively represented as well as classic and contemporary models of persuasion. Psyc700(social psychology) is a prerequisite for this course.
Social Cognition
The seminar in social cognition (Psyc749) provides an in-depth examination of the theories and methods of cognitive social psychology. Topics include attribution, schema use, person memory, and social inference. Psyc700 (social psychology) is a prerequisite

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