Ecosystem ecology
Lack of intermediate scale disturbance data can bias regional extrapolation of forest inventory plots

Forest Inventory plot networks are exceptionally useful for developing a better understanding of forest ecology. Still, results based on extrapolations from a few hundred plots to continental-scale must be evaluated with due rigor. Until studies can demostrate that large episodics disturbances (>1000 m2) are adecuately sampled and rare (unimportant) across the domain, conlcusions of massive tropical forest carbon sinks shoild be treated with caution
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Robinson Negron Juarez
Robinson Negron Juarez
Cecropia trees - after disturbance.
(3.141903°S, 73.085436° W) [Google Earth]
Peruvian Amazon Forest, 02Oct2009.

Wind-driven forest disturbance in Amazonia

The figure shows a sequence of blowdowns (using Landsat 5 TM scenes) in the Central Amazon, north of Manaus city, in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. The blowdown areas are shown in red.