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Matt and Qi with a Freeze Core
Panel of Experimental Stratigraphy

Submarine channels offshore Borneo

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the transport of sediment from land through the ocean and into the stratigraphic record. Scales of interest range from the interaction of turbidity currents with channel bends over minutes to the construction and preservation of river deltas over millions of years. The sedimentary bodies that arise from these processes are home to millions of people, archives of past Earth conditions and reservoirs of natural resources. We examine the morphodynamics of these systems using a combination of remote sensing of subsurface sedimentary deposits (visualization and interpretation of seismic data), carefully designed laboratory experiments, field studies of modern and ancient sediment transport systems, and targeted numerical analysis and modeling.

Recent News

Geology publishes TSDS paper
on stratigraphic completeness

Qi Li et al.'s paper on sediment cohesion
and stratigraphy comes out in JGR-E.S.

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