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Spring / Fall 2011 Project Descriptions

Please click on the project title to view project description and requirements. (More projects to be added).


Dr. Taby Ahsan, Biomedical Engineering Department
Effect Of Cyclic Strain On Adipose-Derived Stem Cells


Dr. Hank Bart, Jr., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
Molecular Systematics of Fishes of Order Cypriniformes


Dr. Hank Bart, Jr.,Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
Shape Evolution in Fishes of The Subfamily Ictiobinae


Dr. Alexander Burin, Chemistry Department
Applications of DNA in Molecular Electronics


Dr. Scott Grayson, Chemistry Department
Preparation of Polymer Nanocarriers for Targeted Delivery of Drugs


Dr. Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah, Chemistry Department
Synthetically Functionalized DNA-Oligonucleotides for Protein Binding


Dr. Karen Johannesson, Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
Submarine groundwater discharge to coastal oceans: Implications for paleoceanography


Dr. Vijay John, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department
Nanocarriers for Transcutaneous Vaccine Delivery


Dr. Allan V Kalueff, Pharmacology Department Department
Screening behavioral effects of drugs of abuse in zebrafish models


Dr. Brian Mitchell, Chemical And Biomolecular Engineering Department
Characterization of Functionalized Silicon Nanoparticles


Dr. Michael J. Moore, Biomedical Engineering Department
Functional Hydrogels for Micropatterned Models of Neural Axon Growth


Dr. Walter Lee Murfee, Biomedical Engineering Department
Examining a Common Role for Pericytes during Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis


Dr. Noshir Pesika Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department
Fabrication of Dry Adhesives mimicking the Gecko Adhesive System


Dr. Brad Rosenheim, Earth and Environmental Science Department
Assessing variability in the heat transport of the tropical N. Atlantic using radiocarbon records from corals and sclerosponges


Dr. Brad Rosenheim, Earth and Environmental Science Department
Applying a novel pyrolysis-radiocarbon dating technique to questions of the global carbon cycle – What is the role of the Mississippi River?


Dr. Igor V. Rubtsov, Chemistry Department
Decipher three-dimensional structures of molecules and molecular complexes using two-dimensional IR spectroscopy


Dr. Sergey S. Shevkoplyas, Biomedical Engineering Department
Microfluidic devices for studying the mechanics of blood flow at the microscale


Dr. Caz Taylor,Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
Population Ecology of Blue Crabs in the Gulf of Mexico




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