HISU 449

The 1850s:
Union in Peril

Professor Richard B. Latner

Department of History
215E Hebert Hall

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Catalog Description

This seminar examines in detail the sectional crises of the 1850s, secession, and the outbreak of the Civil War. A major portion of the course focuses on the period between the election of Abraham Lincoln in November 1860 and the Battle of Fort Sumter in April 1861. The class will utilize a multimedia computer program to analyze the critical decisions made by Lincoln during this period.

Spring 1997 Semester

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The following books are required reading:

The following books will be available as suggested reading:

In order to investigate the secession crisis, we will use an interactive multimedia program entitled Crisis at Fort Sumter. This is a decision-making program which places you in Abraham Lincoln's situation during the period between his election as President and the outbreak of fighting at Fort Sumter. The CD-ROM version of this program, which won Finalist Status in the 1994 NewMedia Invision Multimedia Awards competition, brings together text, hypertext, still pictures, video, music, maps, and other information in order to better comprehend the decisions confronting Lincoln. For example, you can hear one of Lincoln's campaign songs from the 1860 presidential election. To hear an excerpt of this song, click on its title: "Lincoln and Liberty."

Crisis at Fort Sumter is also available in an Internet version on Tulane University's World Wide Web Home Page. In October 1996 this site was chosen the Internet Site of the Day by Chronicle of Higher Education's Academe Today.There are some differences between the Internet version and the CD-ROM, but most of the information on the CD-ROM is available on the Internet.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education Academe Today

In order to access Crisis at Fort Sumter from Tulane's Home Page, click on "Academic Resources" and then on "Course Materials." Or you may go directly to the site by clicking on this flag.

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