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Naked in the Street


I am running in the street without any clothes on. Three Black men stop me. Black and white men get rid of them. I have a gown on and am about to have sex with husband in an apartment. I leave naked girl in street.

In a car, I go over narrow road with ditches on either side. There is lots of lumber in a reap. People are taking away sheets of plywood and a child’s coffin. I try to get to son’s warehouse, but police have barricaded it because of a three car accident.

While I am out naked in the street, big dogs and one with a stick in its mouth attack me. Another dog comes along and releases me. There are lots of cats.

The painting becomes a design of while shapes in a dark space and dark shapes in a light shape. The figures are very abstract and there is a heavy, rich texture to the surface.


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