Tulane Review Fall 1996

Lee Lovejoy: Southwest Chevron
Beau Boudreaux: Mal Voyant
Nicole Gelinas: 'Untitled'
Jeffery T. Johnson: First Night on the Floor
Mark Cunningham: Numerology
Gabriel Hesson: Portrait
Alison Fensterstock: Bukowski Revisited | Tattoos
Tom Brezinsky: And His Voice Was Like Running Water
Maureen McIlhaney: Honey-Girl
David McConnell: Well
Nicole Cooley: Health
Virginia Batson: Silhouette

Elizabeth Rosen: Something From Montreal

Lee Lovejoy: Interview With Nicole Cooley

Andy Kopsa-Unsell:'Untitled' | 'Untitled' | 'Untitled' | 'Untitled' | 'Untitled'
Jaime Ramiro Diaz:'Untitled'

Virginia Batson: 'Untitled' | 'Untitled' | 'Untitled' | 'Untitled'
Diana Schutte: 'Untitled'
Eden Judith Gass: Danae | study of a female nude
Miriam Martin: 'Untitled'

The works published in the Tulane Review represent the views of the individual artists and are not the expressed views of Tulane University or its Board of Administrators.

Editorial Board:
Angeline Augustine, Katie Bolin, Tom Brezinsky, Bridget Conn, Alison Fensterstock, Nicole Gelinas, Camille Greenberg, Lauren Heckler, Brian Holmes, Denielle Kronenberg, David McConnell, Eric McLaughlin, Arin Miller, Christy Tucker, Andrea Rozewicz, Matt Sackman, Rodolfo Salinas, Jeffrey Satriano, Jessie Sitnick.
Art Editorial Board:
Beth Easterly, Jessica Green, Dennielle Kronenberg, Richard Perez, Matthew Underwood.

Editor: Lee Lovejoy
Assistant Editor: Beth Easterly
Business Manager: Jane Elliot
Art Editor: Virginia Batson
Photographer/Digital Imaging: Andy Kopsa-Unsell

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