Tulane Review Fall 1997

Alison Fensterstock: American Trinity | The Thing Is
Penny L. Ferguson: A Rosary of Sales
Ralph Aquila: I Want to Ride the Bus to Memphis | He Moves Slowly Through the World
Jessie Sitnick: Blue Collar Siren
Karin Cole: limit
Lee Lovejoy: Sleep is Never Dreamless
Jeffrey T. Johnson: Naropa
Madeleine Roberts: Notes to the Conqueror | Homecoming | Peril of a Long Seduction
John Cantey Knight: A Roll and Beat
Jeremy C. Davis: Tears of Life
Jarrod Beck: The Last Time You Left
Amy E. Bartlett: thinking of his blue gray

Alison Fensterstock: School
Justin Pickering: Azteca
Joey Harris: Magic Bananasl
Jessica Sitnick: To Janie Dingo With Love

Mikaela Lannan: untitled
Lance Morris: untitled
Karyn Kirk: Self Portrait | Mother Board
JR Portman: Bluescape | Polaroid Transfer #3

The works published in the Tulane Review represent the views of the individual artists and are not the expressed views of Tulane University or its Board of Administrators.

Poetry Review Board:
Amy Bartlett, Brigette Bernagozzi, Brian Boldt, Tara Cloud, Jennifer Cramton, Julee Demaree, Chad Henderson, Susannah Marshall, Naveem Pemmaraju, April Shultz.
Prose Review Board:
Bryan Clark, Rebekah Dobrasko, Ari Holtz, Nicole Kirschmann, Jeffrey Satriano, Carrie Scher, Christy Tucker, Sarah Walker.
Art Review Board:
Melissa Vernon, Janell Harrell, Paloma Costa, Ron Bozman, JR Portman.

Editor: Lee Lovejoy
Poetry Editor: Jessica Sitnick
Prose Editor: Lauren E. Heckler
Art Editor: Dennielle Kronenberg
Layout Editor: Nicole Leanne Schauer Copy Editor: Alison Fensterstock
President, Tulane Literary Society: Tom Brezinsky

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