Approaching Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags Over Texas Un-Amused

This moment I am feeling kind of damp
Shining ageless looping towers of steel
like a half-licked, not yet fixed postage stamp.
stick laughing howling children reel.

Bowels cramped: funnel cake, dog, stale bun
Hormonal, pimply dropout at the helm
machine would mix me, giving me the runs.
controlling gears, he's vassal of this realm.

My mind, like rise, is reeling back and through:
Odysseus called by sirens like this chump,
14 year old Phaeton charred in same pursuit,
Houdini, Lindberg, Evel took their lumps.

So, too, must I take seat and dare devil
to thrill me, spill me, remind me I'm mortal.

Collen Walbran