For Gregory Corso

This is the day we've all been waiting for.
The day they taught us in Sunday School.
The day when we are thrown into the fires of hell

for fulfilling our desires.

So we're all just standing there

--everyone in the goddamn world just standing there--
looking up at His grand face which is so stern at the moment.
So we're all just standing there
in this huge room
with two huge exit doors
and we all got sweat drippin' down our faces
but none of us dare raise a hand to wipe it off.
And we all got fear in our eyes.
All of us.
Yes, even the good Reverend.
Our knees begin to knobble
cause they just can't hold up
the weight of His silent stare.
He looks over all of us
then rises to His feet.
A vaccuum
--created by the spontaneous drawings of breath--
fills the room.
His laughter blows the house down.
And in runs that horned character.
And they both make a wild gesture
simulatiing masturbation.
All twenty billion of us are covered in this warm, gooey substance.
After a high-five between the two,
God makes a gesture with his arm
--the door marked "Heaven" opens up.
"Get the fuck in there!" he yells.

Matt Sackman