Tulane Review Spring 1997
Jessica Sitnick: Silent reflections of a Lover | Breathing These Days
Colleen Walbran: Approaching Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags Over Texas Unamused
Bridget Conn: He is green and brown and gold, and rose when the sun sets, or when he blushes
James D. Huck, Jr.: Dubin's Dilemma
Jill McIntyre: Ciao, Bella
Lee Lovejoy: The Hula-Hooper
Eric D. Moore: Orpheus and My Abandonment Complex
Alison Fensterstock: Dark
Nicole Gelinas: The Middle East 1991
David J. McConnell: Poem
Kelly Cox: To The Arms of the Guy Who Sits Opposite Me in Statistics | Lucy
Jarrod Beck: In My Mirror
Matt Sackman: For Gregory Corso
Karin Cole: Son of Venus
Christy Tucker: Cold

Nicole Gelinas: Tubes

Stephan Fenner: 'untitled' - photo booth self portrait | 'untitled' - polaroid transfer | 'untitled' - pinhole camera image
Virginia Batson: Incongruous Pairings #1 - etching | "Incongruous Pairings #2" - etching
Eden Judith Gass: Daddy - etching/chiné-collé
Anna Baskin: Bitch - etching

Editorial Board:
Angeline Augustine, Alison Fensterstock, Nicole Gelinas, Brian Holmes, Lauren Heckler, Dennielle Kronenberg, David J. McConnell, Eric McLaughlin, Arin Miller, Andrea Rozewicz, Matt Sackman, Jessie Sitnick, Christy Tucker.
Art Editorial Board:
Dennielle Kronenberg, Richard Perez, Matthew Underwood, Nancy Zamerowski.
Editor: Lee Lovejoy
Assistant Editor: Beth Easterly
Business Manager: Janet Elliot
Art Editor: Virgnia Batson
Digital Imaging: Andy Kopsa-Unsell

The works published in Tulane Review represent the views of the individual artists and are not the expressed views of Tulane University or its Board of Administrators.

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