Tulane Review Spring 1998

Brian Burke: Crayons For Africa | her laughter orbits | at play in the Sarajevo snow
Paula Hilton: My Father Forgets His Teeth
Rob McLennan: means what it does not, and more's the pity | like sunlight on the wings of birds
John Cantey Knight: Tarot | When Wooden Horses Were Real
Federico Escobar: Another Deflowering by Katerine Rojas
Patrick Larkin: When I Was Younger
Hillary Gravendyk: St. James Parish
Dodd Clifton: midnight muse
Holly Martin: On First Being Led
Eric D. Moore: Keeping Time | Glad | Sominex
Bridget Conn: Closure
Jessie Sitnick: Your Trip
Lee Lovejoy: Sun Pile

Alison Fensterstock: More Than Half
Joey Harris: Sweet Demon-Possessed Freedom

Dan Wagner: "untitled" | "untitled"
Mikaela Lannan: "untitled"
Melissa Vernon: Ring Around the Rosies
Sara C Bonisteel: Temple Drake
Amy Lee: Disappear

The works published in the Tulane Review represent the views of the individual artists and are not the expressed views of Tulane University or its Board of Administrators.

Poetry Review Board:
Amy Bartlett, Sara Horwitz, Kristi Komperis, Matt Preston, and Regina Pokidaylo.
Prose Review Board:
Jeffrey Satriano, Nicole Kirschmann, Veronica Leundrez, Carrie Scher, Sarah Walker, and Christy Tucker.
Art Review Board:
Cameron Cooke, Seth Rappaport, Michelle Dumast, and Mark Grossman.

Editor: Lee Lovejoy
Poetry Editor: Jessie Sitnick
Prose Editor: Lauren Heckler
Art Editor:Mikaela Lannan
President, Tulane Literary Society:Tom Brezinsky
Director of Student Media and Publications: Del Stewart

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