I could stay home
But begin in darkness
Neighborhoods dark from the outage
Only stoplights flaring red
They tell us to stay off the road
But I'm out here with the other fools
Trying to get south through breaking day
As rain defines wind and wind
Sweeps down hills around in loops gets horizontal
Bullies us out of our lanes
Everyone's scared here
Locked above his steering wheel
As leaves and limbs cartwheel past
The top of a family's camper is off
Crashes the center railing
And the other guy hydroplanes fishtails
Fights to get back straight
All this time I'm driving with one hand
Writing this down choosing to say
Rain is rice on the windshield
Rolling the window down to sample the storm
To yell throw it throw it
Allowing the trees along a ridgeline
To sway my attention
I even hum with the wires on the Golden Gate Bridge
Until a semi crowds me toward the rail
Then I roll through debris over city streets

I could have stayed home
But I have to see your face
You look up as I enter the classroom
Your eyes sweep past me
The coolness of rain

Bill Edmondson