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Weinstein Medallions

A Historical Collection of the Rudolph Matas Library

[image front and back of Walter Reed medal]

Walter Reed- 1851-1902

List of Medallions, Medals and Plaquettes in the Collection

Alphabetical list of names of individuals honored by the issue of medals,
or listed by the name of the momentous event, disease, hospital, school or society.

- A -

PER ASPERA AD ASTRA (phrase by Seneca the Younger -through difficulties to the stars)  [Image]
Thomas Addison- 1793-1860 [Image]
Louis Agassiz (1807-1873). bronze medal (0.6 x Ø6.4 cm) Bust portrait of Agassiz.  
         na. 1807 ob. 1873, "Terra Marique Ductor Indagatione Naturae." 
         1875 by W. Barber (Philadephia Mint) Struck 1876-1877 (31 copies) [Image]
         See: Marcou, Jules. Life, Letters, and Works of Louis Agassiz, 1895, p.255.
 Aesculapius- [3 Medals] 
         -XI Congresso Medico Internazionale Roma MDCCCXCIV (Roma 1894) [Image 1]
          see:Text not available
Atti dell'XI Congresso medico internazionale Roma, 29 marzo-5 aprile 1894, 29 marzo-5 aprile 1894, Ripamonti e Colombo, 1895. p.387.
- Bust of Aesculapius with staff . Hospices Civils de Paris-Laurel leaves, tied at center. [Image 2] Text not available -Bust by Galle, Faculté de Medecine de Paris, MDCCCIX [Image 3] A Brief Descriptive Catalgoue of the Medals Struck in France And Its Dependencies, Between the Years 1789 and 1830.. American Oldest State Board of Health- 1855-1967 -- Farhad Grotto [Image] Artamide Wampole Anti-Arthritic Anti-Rheumatic (Advertising token) [Image] Association Générale des Médecins de France [rectangular bronze, (7.0 x 5.8 x 0.5 cm) - c.1908] Obverse, "ASSOCIATION GENERALE/DES/MEDECINS DE FRANCE/CINQUANTENAIRE/1858 1908"- Reverse, "MEDICIS AUXILIUM/ET/TUTELA". 50th anniversary . Reverse depicts, "Medicis Auxilium et Tutela." [Image] - B -
Barcelone Pestilence [medal struck in honor of the physicians, Mazet, Pariset, Bailley Francois and Audourad]. bronze (48 mm) [Image] William Beaumont- 1785-1853 Physiology [Image] Claude Bernard- 1813-1878 [2 Medals] - [Image1] [Image 2, rectangle] -- CLAUDE BERNARD ' Ne a st Julien (Rhone) / 12 juillet 1913 / Mort a Paris / - 10 Fevrier 1817 - / - Membre - De l'Academie Francaise / De l'Academie des Sciences / de l'Academie de Medicine / - Professeur - Au College de France / A la Facultie de Sciences / Au Museum d'Histoire Naturalle Clothed bust to r. signed, A Borrell 1879 Jöns Jakob Berzelius (1779-1848) [Image] Francois Xavier Bichat 1771-1802 , Congres de Physiologie, Paris - 1920[Image] Xavier Bichat- Societe Medicale D' [Image] Xavier Bichat- traite [Image] Henry Jacob Bigelow- 1816-1890 Surgical [Image] Theodor Billroth- 1829-1894 (Billroth on a 2 shilling Austrian circulation coin)[Image] Enzo Bizzozero- Arte Medendi Clarvs [Image] Johann Friedrich Blumenbach- 1752-1840 Medicine [Image] Hermann Boerhaave- 1668-1738 [Image] Richard Bright- 1789-1858 [Image] British War Medals (4) [Image] [Description] - C - Albert Calmette- "INSTITUT.PASTEUR/Dr ALBERT·CALMETTE" "ALBERT CALMETTE/MEMBRE/DE L'ACADMIE/DES SCIENCES/ET DE L'ACADÉMIE /DE MEDECINE/SÉRUM/ANTI/VENIMEUX/VACCINATION/ANTI/TUBERCULOSE/B.C.G." (bronze-0.8 x Ø6.75 cm) Bust portrait of Albert Calmette. Reverse bears dedication and depicts microscope, cobra and flora. [Image] Cerebral Palsy Center 1969 Dr. J.D. Ross [Image] Jean M. Charcot- 1825-1893 [Image 1] [Image 2] Charity Hospital For Scholarship and Achievement in Ambulance Corps.- 1887 to Dr. J.N. Charbonnet [Image] Michel Eugene Chevreul- 1787-1889 [Image] Ludovicus XV Rex Christianissimus [Image] New Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest 1844 (Brompton Hospital)[Image] Madame Marie Curie- 1867-1934 [Image] Harvey Cushing- 1869-1940 Surgery [Image] - D - Dante Alighieri,[Image] Text not available Manuale dantesco By Jacopo Ferrazzi,1871 Jacques Daviel [Image] Pedanius Dioscorides [Image] Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519); Inscribed: 'LEONARDUS VINCIUS FLORENTINUS'[Image] - E - Paul Ehrlich- 1854-1915 [Image 1] [Image 2] Willem Einthoven- 1860-1927 [Image] - F - Order of Carlos Finlay 1928 (medal to Jessie Daniel Ames, widow of Roger Post Ames , 3 December, 1952, Havana, Cuba [Image] Alexander Fleming- 1881-1955 [Image] Simon Flexner- 1935 [Image] Ben Franklin [Image] - G - General Institute for the Blind, Birmingham, England. 1848 (19th Century Commemorative Medal,51 mm) New building for the General Institute for the Blind at Carpenter Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham [Image]. German Hospital, New York Feb. 1889 "Zur Erinnerung an die fair zum besten des Deutschen Hospitals" [Image] Goethe- 1749-1839 [Image] Robert James Graves- 1796-1853 [Image] Joseph Ignace Guillotin- 1738-1814 - French physician who urged use of guillotine [Image] IGN. GUILLOTIN SANTO MED. PAR. ACAD. PRAESES R. RECOGNITIS DENUOQ. CONFIRMATIS SANCITIS ACADEMIE MED. PAR. STATUTIS ATQUE IN STATUTA COMMENTARIIS J. I. GUILLOTIN PRAESIDE, 1809-1810 see: Des hommes célèbres dans les sciences et les arts et des médailles qui ... By Hippolyto Kluyskens (1859), p.384 - H - Samuel Hahnemann - 1755-1843 Homeopathy [Image] Samual Hahnemann natus Misenae D.X. Aprilis MDCCLV (1755). Doctor Creat. Erlange D. X. Augusti MDCCLXXIX (1779); Center, SIMILIA SIMILIBUS; the inscription, Medicinae Homoeopathicae Auctori, Discipuli et Amici, D. X Augusti MDCCXXIX (1829). William Harvey - 1578-1657 - (reverse) To commemorate the 800 Anniversary 1123-1923 Bartholomews Hospital (center) RAHERE [Image] Medal 2, Circulation of the Blood [Image 2] Health Resort, Bad Kissingen, 1842 [Image] -“Issued in honor of the completion of a Bavarian Spa, May 1842” .Text not available The Sanitarian By Medico-Legal Society of New York Hippocrates of Cos- 460-370 B.C. Father of Medicine [Image] [Image 2] [Image 3] Thomas Hodgkin- 1798-1866 [Image] Professor Thomas Holloway- 1800-1883 [Image] Oliver Windell Holmes- 1809-1894 [Image] David Hosack- 1769-1835 (2) Arts and Science [Image] Christopher Wilhelm Hufeland- 1762-1836 [Image] Hyacinthe-Louis De Quelen (October 8, 1778 - December 31, 1839), Archbishop of Paris, Note: Epidemic (1832), founded the "uvre des orphelins du choléra" Inscribed: Hyacinthus LVD De Quelen Archiepiscopus Parisiensis [Image] John Hunter- 1728-1793 [Image] - I-J - Edward Jenner - 1749-1823 [Image 1] [Image 2] Johns Hopkins Hospital 50 yrs. 1889-1939 [Image] - K - Dr. Elisha Kent Kane- 1822-1859 [Image] Medal commemorating ... Bust of Dr Kane (right), an oblong plaque below with a bow view of a ship embedded in the ice below cliffs, two US flags to either side. Legend: 'DR. ELISHA KENT KANE, THE GREAT ARCTIC NAVIGATOR, U.S.N.' Reverse: two explorers on ice berg. Robert Koch- 1843-1910 [Image] - L - René Laënnec (1781-1826) / THEOPHILE HYACINTHE bust in high relief facing r. signed ALBERT HERBEMONT - KERLOUARNEC / 1781 - 1826 House in center field (3), [Image 1] Dominique Larrey- 1766-1842 [Image] Antoine Laurent Lavoisier- 1743-1794 [Image] Joseph Leidy- 1823-1891, Leidy became the first president of the American Association of Anatomists in 1888 and 1889. [Image] Reverse: To celebrate 50 years of achievement 1888-1938. Anthony Van Leeuwenhock- 1632-1723 The Microscope [Image] Leper Money, 1913 Phillipine Islands [Image] Rene Leriche- 1879-1955 Primer President de... [Image] Maurice J. Levi [Image] Andreas Liber [Image] Joseph Lister- 1827-1912 [Image] London Medical Society (1773) - CHARLOTTA DEI GRA. A. MAG. BRI. FRA. ET HIB. REGINA. (Bust to left), Female standing before an alter. SALUTI AUGUSTAE Ex. SOC. MED. LOND. \ LOND. | INSTITUTA | MDCCLXXIII (1773) [Image] (See: Club and Society Tickets, Tickets and Passes of Great Britain and Ireland: Struck Or Engraved on Metal / W J Davis, 1922, p.157) Pierre C. A. Louis- 1787-1872 [Image] - M - Moses Mainmonides- 1136-1204 Physician and Philospher [Image] Marcello Malpighi- 1628-1694 [Image] Maximillian II- 1855-? [Image] Medallic Art Company- 50th Anniversary 1900-1950 [Image] E. Merck, Darmstadt 1918- [Image] Franz Anton Mesmer (born Friedrich Anton Mesmer 1734–1815). Medal, bronze, 2 3/4 cm., Borrel 1856, Insc. FRED. ANT. MESMER. - SOCIÉTÉ DU MESMÉRISME DE PARIS. [Image] See: Hippolyte. Des hommes célèbres dans les sciences et les arts, et des médailles qui ... 1859, p.212-215 Universida De Nacional Autonoma De México to Dr. Lapham from Dr. J. Castro Villagrama [written note] (Commemorative medal of 400 years of the founding of the Real y Pontificia Universidad de México (1551-1951). Shows two university coats of arms: the current one and the previous one from the 16th century, surrounded by the words: NOVUS MIHI NASCITUR ORDO (a new order starts for me) and NOVI LUX ORBIS QUATER SAECULARIS ANIMA PATRIAE (new order’s light, native country’s soul four times secular). [Image] George Minot- 1885-1950 [Image] Henri Mondor [Image] - N - Bernhard Naunyn- 1839-1928 [Image] Florence Nightingale- 1820-1919 [Image] - O - Dr. Alton Ochsner- Cancer Research 1966 [Image] Leopold Ollier- 1830-1900 [Image] - P - Joseph Pancoast- 1805-1882 [Image] Text not available
Catalogue of Coins, Tokens, and Medals in the Numismatic Collection of the Mint of the United States at Philadelphia, ...Thomas Louis Comparette Paracelsus- 1493-1541 [Image] Ambroise Pare- 1509-1590 [Image] Louis Pasteur- 1822-1895, (4 Medals)- rectangle [Image 1]; Etats Federes d'Europe 1928 [Image 2] ; [Image 3]; [Image 4]] Stephanus Perse, M.D. [Image] Max Von Pettenkofer- 1818-1901 [Image] Phillippe Pinel- 1745-1826 [Image] - Q-R - Walter Reed- 1851-1902 [Image] Johann C. Reil- 1759-1813 [Image] William Conrad Rontgen- 1845-1923 [Image] Jean Jacques Rosseau [Image] - S - Allevare Sedare Sanare [Image] Antonio Scarpa- 1747-1832 [Image] Carl Wilhelm Scheele- 1742-1786 [Image] Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller- 1759-1805 [Image] Joannec Lveas Schoenlein- 1793-1864 [Image] Albert Schweitzer [Image] Ignaz-Philipp Semmelweis- 1818-1934 [Image] Smallpox Vaccination - Edward Jenner (1749-1823). [Image] Health measures introduced in Paris under Napoleon. Presented to doctors in recognition of the vaccinations they had given. On its obverse- a cow beneath medical instruments, with EX INSPERATO/ SALUS ("health from an unexpected source") - VACCINATIONS/ MUNICIPALES/ DE PARIS/ M.DCCCXIV. within an oak wreath. Designed by Alexis Joseph Depaulis and was distributed for an extended period beginning in 1814. See: Storer, Medicina in Nummis, 4649-52; Freeman, Medals Relating to Medicine and Allied Sciences, 597. Theobold Smith- 1859-1934 [Image] John Snow- 1813-1858 Epidemiology [Image] [Image alt] SOCIÉTÉ DU MESMÉRISME DE PARIS [Image] Marie Joseph [Eugene] Sue 1804-1857. Eugene Sue. Bust. French novelist and one-time naval surgeon. [Image] Thomas Sydenham- 1624-1689 [Image] - T - To Celebrate Fifty Years of Achievement 1888-1938 (reverse of Joseph Leidy medal) Used in production of medal [Image] - U - Undertaker's Token [Image] United States Sanitary Commission 1864 [Image] Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos (1551-1951 Lima) [Image] University College London - CUNCTI ADSINT MERITAEQUE EXPECTENT PRAEMIA PALMAE MDCCCXXVII, . Awarded to T. T. Darby MATERIA MEDICA 1965-6 3rd Prize [Image] - V - Vaccination Medallion. 1814 Paris - See Smallpox Vaccination [Image] Vaccination medallion (Frederick William III) [Image] Text not available Allgemeine Literatur-zeitung ,1829 Andreas Vesalius- 1514-1564 [Image] - W - William H. Welch- 1850-1934 [Image] The Henry S. Wellcome Medal - Association of Military Surgeons of the United States. Sir Henry Wellcome Medal and Prize .For an essay in the field of military medicine..[Image] Revd. Dr. Francis Willis (1717-1807). (1789 token white metal). Three quarter bust left. DOCTOR WILLIS. Rv. BRITONS REJOICE YOUR KINGS RESTORED. 1789. In 1788–89, King George III of Great Britain became physically and mentally ill. Dr. Willis himself had medallions struck. [Image] see: Roy Porter. The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity, 1998, p.271-2. William Withering- 1741-1799 [Image] - X,Y,Z -
Conquest of Yellow Fever [ Walter Reed Medal] to Roger P. Ames [Image] _________________________________________


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