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The Renaissance of Medical History on the Web: Images and Archives

List of References and Related Resources

By Cindy Goldstein & Mary Holt

Contributed paper presented at the Medical Library Association's Annual Meeting, Seattle, (May 27, 1997 Program Session IV) - "The Digital Library: Not Just Electronic Journals".

Matas Library Historical Resources Corporate Services Used in Project Description of Electronic Resources Selected LISTSERVs

Matas Library Historical Resources              Back to top

Matas Library Historical Collections A description of the Rudolph Matas Library's Historical Collection with links to images and finding aids available on the Web.

Registre du Comite Medical de la Nouvelle Orleans HTML document describing the Registre - April 29, 1816 - August 14,1854. Includes "A Review of Licensing Provisions in Louisiana, and the Significance of the Registre du Comite Medical de la Nouvelle Orleans".

Registre Index HTML document that links to the images of the Registre du Comite Medical de la Nouvelle Orleans and to the Name Index from the Manuscript of the Registre. Includes information on the Registre Imaging Project

History of Tulane University Medical School A brief history of Tulane University Medical School with images of past and present buildings used by the Medical School.

Founding of the Medical College of Louisiana Images and information on the founders of Tulane University with related links to other information at the library's site.

Matas Library's History A brief history of the Rudolph Matas Library with links to information on Dr. Rudolph Matas along with past and present library directors.

Corporate Services Used in Project              Back to top

Preservation Resources Preservation Resources is a division of OCLC Online Computer Library Center. Imaging from microfilm provided, with JPEG and TIFF files created for Tulane Medical Library.

AMIGOS Bibliographic Council The AMIGOS Bibliographic Council, Inc is a membership-based, non-porfit library network serving more than 500 member libraries in the southwestern United States that awards $1,000-$3,000 fellowships annually. AMIGOS also provides preservation services, support and training. See Imaging Nuggets, a FAQ about imaging, by Steve Smith.

Southern Microfilm Corporation - Southern Microfilm provided the original microfilming of the Registre document in August of 1980; renamed RACOM Information Technologies in 1996 and acquired by Lason Corporation in 1997.

Description of Internet Resources              Back to top

Younger, Jennifer A. Resources Description in the Digital Age. Library Trends 1997, 45(3):462-487. Article summaries are available.

Olson, NB. Cataloging Internet Resources. Cataloging Internet Resources : A Manual and Practical Guide. [monograph online] 1995 OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., [cited 1997 May 12]. <http://www.oclc.org/oclc/man/9256cat/toc.htm>

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Executive summaries, articles and background information. Links to a projects using Dublin Core. Information on how to subscribe to the Dublin Core Listserv Discussion with links to browse and search the META2 listserv.

NetFirst - NetFirstT index of Internet resources. Formerly available in the FirstSearch® and EPIC® services from OCLC. OCLC staff created the records using systematic collection development and verification techniques, and proven abstracting and indexing practices. OCLC regularly checked to verify the site remained available and edited record content appropriately. Integrated into WorldCat on the OCLC FirstSearch service in 2002.

InterCAT Catalog - OCLC's Internet Cataloging Project. A Catalog of Internet Resources created from records in the OCLC online database that have electronic access field/s (856). Project is now completed.

PURL Project A PURL is a Persistent Uniform Resource Locator. The OCLC PURL resolution service associates the PURL with the actual URL and returns that URL to the client.

AltaVista The META tag: Controlling how your Web page is indexed by AltaVista (page is no longer available).

Text Encoding Initiative An international project to develop guidelines for the preparation and interchange of electronic texts for scholarly research. Includes guidelines, history, projects, tools and more.

SGML: Standard Generalized Markup Language A list of links on SGML. Resources, organizations, projects, tools and links to articles and papers are included.

Encoded Archival Description (EAD) The EAD Document Type Definition (DTD) is a standard for encoding archival finding aids using the SGML. The standard is maintained in the Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress in partnership with the Society of American Archivists.

Library of Congress, Network Development and MARC Standards Office. MARC DTDs Document Type Definition: Background and Development. [web document]. Feb. 21 1997, [cited 1997 May 12]. <http://www.loc.gov/marc/marcdtd/marcdtdback.html>. Information on a research and development project on MAchine Readable Cataloging Document Type Definition to implementations of Standard Generalized Markup Language (ISO 8879).

Selected LISTSERVs              Back to top

CADUCEUS-L History of the Health Sciences Forum is a moderated electronic discussion list that provides a forum for exchanging information on any aspect of the history of the health sciences.

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