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Links to Images of the

Registre du Comite Medical de la Nouvelle Orleans.

April 29, 1816 - August 14, 1854

Name Index from the Manuscript of the Registre (images are best viewed with a monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher)

Click on the letter to navigate quickly to the image of the index page from the Registre. Names on the index pages are not listed in alphabetical order. The number located under the column Folio refers to the page of theRegistre text where the name appears. Use Back to return to this page and then go to the directory for the text pages.

A --- 1st page of B --- 2nd page of B --- 1st page of C --- 2nd page of C ---

1st page of D --- 2nd page of D --- E --- F --- G --- H --- I --- J --- K ---

1st page of L --- 2nd page of L --- 1st page of M --- 2nd page of M ---

N --- O --- P --- Q --- R --- 1st page of S --- 2nd page of S --- T ---

U --- V --- W --- XYZ

These links are all images, the largest image in the index is 155K and the smallest is 42K. There is not a text alternative at this time.

The number located under the column Folio in the index to the manuscript refers to the page of the Registre text where the name appears. The text is in French. Typical information in an entry from the Registre includes the date, name of the person, their place of birth, their age, the medical field which they were permitted to practice and the names of those who presented them to the Committee.

The Registre Imaging Project

The Rudolph Matas Library of Tulane University holds the original manuscript of the Registre du Comite Medical de la Nouvelle Orleans in the History Collection of the Library. The images linked here were provided by Preservation Resources, a division of OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. In addition to these images on the WWW, there is an archival CD of the images which were produced from microfilm in TIFF files that average 1.8 MB apiece, while the images provided for the WWW are JPEGs 120 dpi. The images were produced by grayscale scanning from the microfilm of the document. The microfilm reel is available in the library, along with a bound reproduction of the entire document produced from the microfilm. Contact the Library for further information or for help in deciphering the handwriting from the images of the index pages of the Registre.

For additional historical information:

  • Duffy, John. (1958) The Regulation of Medicine and Pharmacy in Louisiana, In The Rudolph Matas History of Medicine in Louisiana. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, v.II., p. 103-121.

Image of typescript, page 1

Image of typescript, page 2

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