George E. Burch*

Chairman, Department of Medicine, 1947 - 1975

Dr. Burch was world-renowned in the field of electro-cardiology and responsible for early heart disease work which showed the importance of venous pressure of the peripheral circulatory system. He was responsible for a number of medical "firsts":

  • among the first to recognize the constricting and dilating action of blood vessels in directing blood back to the heart
  • first to use radioactive substances in the study of heart disease and set basic standards still observed in their use and application
  • among first to recognize the effects of environmental factors on heart function
  • produced the classic description of the Papillary Muscle (Burch) Syndrome as well as a particular electro-cardiograph pattern diagnostic of cerebrovascular disease
Bibliography of George Burch, MD compiled by staff of the Rudolph Matas Library
*Tulane graduate