Ernest C Faust

Department Head, Parasitology
William Vincent Professor of Parasitology
Field Coordinator, Tulane - Columbian Program in Medical Education, 1956 - 1961

An international authority on tropical medicine, Dr. Faust came to Tulane in 1928 with an extensive collection of specimens and a unique teaching museum of clinical parasitology, amassed during an early career that took him around the world. In 1929, he published Human Helminthology, the first English textbook on the subject.

While at Tulane, Dr. Faust played an important role in the creation of the university's parasitology program. He was a prolific author, authoring or contributing to works on medicine, pediatrics, therapeutics, as well as parasitology.

In addition to his work at Tulane, Dr. Faust was a member of many international organizations, including the World Health Organization, US Public Health Service, American Academy of Tropical Medicine and many others.

The Faust Collection : Historic Parasitology and Tropical Medicine (1628-1910) : Selected Works from the Library of Ernest Carroll Faust.