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Tulane University Contributions to Medical Science and Education

Throughout its history, Tulane's doctors have been at the forefront of medical scientific discovery. Below is a list of distinguished faculty and their contributions to medical science. Click on the names to find out more. Sources

Dr. James Banta Dr. Edward Barton
Dr. Charles Bass Dr. Paul C. Beaver

Dr. Hal C. Becker

Dr. Gerald S. Berenson
Dr. George E. Burch Dr. Delmar R. Caldwell
Dr. Delmar R. Caldwell Dr. Stanford Chaille
Dr. Oscar Creech Dr. Harold Cummins
Dr. Willey Denis Dr. Vincent Derbes
Dr. Nicholas R. DiLuzio Dr. Oscar Dowling
Dr. Isadore Dyer Dr. Anna Cherrie Epps
Dr. Ernest C. Faust Dr. Ronald J. French
Dr. Grace A. Goldsmith Dr. Robert G. Heath
Dr. Louis J. Ignarro Dr. Foster M. Johns
Dr. Joseph Jones Dr. Edward Krementz
Dr. Maxwell Lapham Dr. Charles Aloysius Luzenberg
Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. James A. Miller
Dr. William J. Mogabgab Dr. E. W. Alton Ochsner, Sr.
Dr. Keith Reemstma Dr. Tobias G. Richardson
Dr. John L. Riddell Dr. Robert F. Ryan
Dr. Andrew V. Schally Dr. Jorgen Schlegel
Dr. Margaret H. D. Smith Dr. Edmond Souchon
Dr. Warren Stone

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