PROJECT ONE: pre-orientation program



Participants in Project One will subdivide into one of six categories according to preferences stated on the application. Students will spend much of their time with the larger group, but will work with their interest area. The areas are:

Students who chose writing will work with the Hullabaloo newspaper staff or the Literary Society. Members of these organizations will mentor students as they write articles for the first newspaper of the year or for the book review called Otherwords. Many of these articles will also be used in Project One.

Videographers will work with members of TUBE - Tulane University Broadcast Entertainment - to make several 2-7 minute clips of interviews and stories that will be highlighted and available on the Project One website.

Audiophiles will record interviews and music with WTUL-FM's Community Gumbo show staff and other WTUL members. They will have the opportunity to have their work aired on the twice-weekly radio program as well as contribute to the Project One content.

Students interested in layout and design will help the print publications get the information to readers in a pleasing effective way, and also work with developing a stronger visiual identity for Project One.

Photographers will see their work spread among the different components of Project One and regular Tulane Student Media output. Photos could be used on the front page of the Hullabaloo, to add information to the Otherwords book review, or to explain the project and its components on the Project One website.

Finally, those interested in web design or programming will be hard at work creating the platform on which all the Project One work will come together. They will be adding to and expanding a website complete with sound, video, animation and whatever else is deemed necessary to tell the Project One story.

The application deadline is July 2, 2010.