Neural MicroEngineering Laboratory

Research Focus

Our research interests revolve around the development and use of microscale technologies for the study of central nervous system (CNS) growth, regeneration, and physiology. We have particular interests in the relationship between neural architecture and function as well as the effects of the extracellular microenvironment on neural growth and guidance.

Lab Group News


JAN   Dr. Moore appointed the Paul H. and Donna D. Flower Early Career Professor in Engineering
JAN   Dr. Moore named an Oliver Fund Scholar of Tulane University


DEC   Lowry Curley's paper published in J Biomed Mater Res - A with a figure chosen for the cover
DEC   Lowry Curley and Gary Catig present posters at TERMIS
MAY   Chris Rodell graduates with MS, BS in BME, and BS in Physics
MAY   Seth Figueroa graduates with BS in BME and Math
MAY   Renee Huval awarded Van Buskirk Fellowship to pursue MS
MAY   Dr. Moore awarded Alpha Eta Mu Beta BME Teacher of the Year
APR   Seth Figueroa presents to congressmen at "Posters on the Hill"
APR   Seth Figueroa receives Undergraduate Research Award for poster at Tulane Health Sciences Day
APR   Dr. Moore receives NSF CAREER Award to develop integrated models of neuronal axon guidance


DEC   Lowry Curley and Elaine Horn-Ranney present posters at TERMIS
NOV   Lowry's video protocol accepted to J Vis Exp
MAY   Scott Jennings graduates with BS with honors and MS degrees
MAY   Donny Campbell graduates with departmental honors
APR   Donny Campbell receives Undergraduate Research Award for poster presented at Tulane Health Sciences Day
FEB   Dr. Moore gives inaugural IEEE-EMBS Seminar at LSU


OCT   Lowry Curley and Chris Rodell present posters at BMES
JUN   Dr. Moore receives grant from NIH to study immobilization of ligands in hydrogels for axon guidance
JUN   Dr. Moore receives grant from Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund
MAY   Nicolle Perez graduates with departmental honors, receives Tulane 34 and Newcomb Scholar Awards
MAY   Lowry Curley receives BME Graduate Student Outstanding Achievement Award
MAY   Chris Rodell awarded Van Buskirk Fellowship
MAY   Dr. Moore awarded Alpha Eta Mu Beta BME Teacher of the Year


DEC   Lowry Curley presents poster at TERMIS in San Diego, CA
MAY   Eric Franca, Elaine Horn, Anne Marie Norman, and Lee White graduate with departmental honors
MAY   Scott Jennings awarded Van Buskirk Fellowship
JAN   Dr. Moore gives invited lecture at the University of Texas at Austin
JAN   Lab renovation completed

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