Courses Taught by Dr. Moore

BMEN 3400/7400 - Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering


Prerequisites: CELL 1010, BMEN 2600, and BMEN 3120; or permission of instructor


This course will focus on fundamental materials science and biological principles that impact the engineering design of biomaterials and tissue-engineered products. Topics addressed will include structural hierarchies of materials and tissues, physical and chemical properties of surfaces, degradation of materials, and cell-surface, cell-cell, and cell-matrix interactions. The course will conclude with inflammatory, immunological, and pathological events associated with responses to such products. Laboratory exercises will be utilized to illustrate selected concepts, introduce assessment methods, and provide hands-on experiences with cells and materials.



BMEN 6260 - Molecular Principles of Functional Biomaterials


Prerequisites: BMEN 3400/7400, or permission of instructor


Functional biomaterials are non-viable materials which have been designed or modified in order to elicit specific biological responses when interacting with biological fluids, cells, tissues, or organs. This course will focus on chemical principles utilized in endowing polymeric materials with biological functionality for medical applications. Following a brief review of polymer properties with a focus on hydrogels, topics addressed will include attachment of proteins to materials, induction of cell-binding and differentiation, responsive polymers, and spatial and temporal control of material properties for biological signaling. Unifying concepts will be introduced by directed reading and discussion of landmark papers in the biomaterials literature. Supplemental laboratory exercises will be utilized to illustrate selected concepts and introduce experimental procedures.


ENGP 3120 - Materials Science & Engineering


Prerequisite: BMEN 2430


The structure and properties of engineering materials are considered. Coverage includes basic atomic and microscopic structure, testing methods, phase relationships, and strengthening techniques. Emphasis is placed on common industrial materials. Thermodynamics and kinetics aspects of materials science are discussed.


Other Relevant Courses

NSCI 3310/6310 - Cellular Neuroscience


Prerequisite: CELL 1010 or equivalent


In-depth coverage of the basic principles of cellular neuroscience, including the biophysical basis of the membrane potential, action potential generation and propagation, and synaptic signaling. Students also will be introduced to the synaptic organization of higher neural systems, such as the visual, auditory and somatic sensory systems. Same as CELL 3310/6310.


NSCI 6350 - Developmental Neurobiology


Prerequisites: NSCI 3310/6310, or permission of instructor


A broad overview of the different stages of neural development. Examination of the molecular aspects of developmental neurobiology, with reference to some important signaling pathways involved in neural growth and specification. Particular attention will be given to those active research fields, such as growth cone guidance and collapse and activity-dependent development, and applications of these to injury and disease. Same as CELL 4350/6350.


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