Salvinia Molesta




What: Giant Salvinia is a small, free-floating aquatic fern with green leaves, one-half to one inch long and wide.

Originated From: South America.

How it arrived: It was brought to the United States through the landscaping and aquarium trades. For example, it was commonly used in fish tanks and then dumped into ponds or rivers when the fish died.

It's spreading to: Giant Salvinia has invaded Texas, Louisiana, and North Carolina. Map

Threat: Salvinia causes problems because of its method of reproduction and its rapid reproductive rate.

Damage: Salvinia takes over the habitats of other plants, covering the water's surface, blocking the sunlight, and preventing nutrients from reaching the organisms below.

Control: If Salivina is used in aquariums or fish tanks, it should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and disposed of in a landfill.