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Test Yourself

Chapter 5: Multi-Way Analysis

Using Rift Valley data set krvp2.sav complete the following tasks to test your understanding of the material presented in this chapter. If you have any questions, use the analysis package for assistance. Answers to these questions can be obtained through the link at the end of the page.

1)  Explore and answer the following research question: Does water source have an association with weight/age Z score       (nutritional status) after accounting for education, SES, and other environmental factors? Explain your results. Is there       interaction between the variables?

Perform linear regression, digest the data (put into a regression table, use the format below) and interpret the results to answer the original research question.


2)  Using the Kenya Rift Valley province data set (krvp.sav) is access to health care (delivery location) significantly             associated with weight/age Z score (nutritional status) independent of education, SES, and environmental factors, is there evidence of confounding? Please explain your results.

Use the following regression table format to summarize your results.

Regression Table

Question: Does delivery location have an affect on weight/age z score controlling for SES and education?

Dependent Variable: WAZ
Independent Variable

Model Number: coefficient (t,p)







Delivery Location
Toilet Access
Educational Attainment
Adjusted R2

Compare your results with the Chapter Five Testing Questions answer key.