Correction: Setting values to the MEAN

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Exercise to set values to the mean.  But first run the descriptives to determine the mean value.

1. Open bdeshd1.sav

2.  Click on Statistics, Summarize, Descriptives... and place hhsize in the Variable box using the arrow.

3.  Click on OK.

Does your table look like this?

ex13_1.jpg (17898 bytes) 

You will want to set the outliers to this mean value that you are given in the descriptive statistics, so that everything out of range is recoded to 5.27, to try to eliminate the skewing effect of the outlying values.

1.  Open bdeshd1.sav

2.  Select into Different Variables.

3.  Select hhsize and move it into the variable box, type in a new name hhsizen (household size new) and click on Old and New values.

4.  Select Range Lowest through and type 2.00 for old value and then type 5.27 in the New value space and click on Add.

5.  Then click on Continue, and then OK.

ex13_2.jpg (32208 bytes)

This will be the new graph that has the outliers set to the mean. Did you get something like this?

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